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Topic: Wishlist for current libraries

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    Wishlist for current libraries

    So what is it that people would like to see \"changed\" in current libraries.

    Taht is to say what are \"missing\" pieces from libraries that you own.

    !!!!!Please, No GOS talk here I\'m setting up another thread in the GOS forum for this!!!!

    Anyhow. This might stir some discusions about other libraries and maybe we can help each other with ideas to \"fix\" them or offer ART files for sharing or even some sample editing techniques.

    It might even stir up some discusion that might influence what Tascam/Nemesys does with Gigastudio next. Rumour is there are some major advancements going on in gigaland and if we come up with some power user techniques...who knows they might be included

    Or Jeff can include them on his future \"Virtuoso\" MIDI tool. (he\'s going to get sick of my ideas for him to impiment on this one )

    Anyhow, I\'d like to see some discusions about libraries that might make me dig into other libraries I have. Like Ethno World or something.

    I\'m pretty tired of the F***ing sample developer - Cutomer/User crap going on.

    Mayeb we can help each other gain interest in the GigaEditor. I strongly recomend people fool around in there. You can learn alot about samples and what is actually going on in the libraries you own. Some down points and some \"neat\" things.

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: Wishlist for current libraries

    May I have an amen...?

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    Re: Wishlist for current libraries


    I think SOV has that sample

    King rules!

    Francis Belardino

    Composer/Sound Designer

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    Re: Wishlist for current libraries

    I\'ll have to think about this one King, but here is a quick one. I have two ethnic instrument libraries, Rare and Ethnic World. Rare is much more playable out of the box, however Ethnic World has a huge selection of sounds, but not so playable.

    I want to spend more time rearranging the instruments of some of the sounds. I think there is a real treasure here for certain types of music. I know you have been dissapointed in the past with this library and it would be cool to see what can be done with it.

    It would be interesting in finding out the layout of some of the instruments (percussion/drums esp.). The documentation is pretty slim. Any ideas?

    BTW, Vocal Planet and these two libraries alone make for some exiting composition possibilities. Currently, I am messing with Gaelic women\'s phrases and the Irish Flute and some Ethnic World percussion.

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    Re: Wishlist for current libraries

    Yah I know I do but....


    Here are some of the libraries I own.

    Ultimate Strings
    Voices of the Appocolypse
    Extended Classical Choir
    Quantum Leap Brass
    Dan Dean Solo Brass
    Dan Dean Solo Woodwinds
    Ethno World
    Heart of Asia
    Real Giga Drums
    Pure Drums
    Bardstown Bosendorfer Imperial Grand
    Bardstown Vintage Guitars and Banjos
    Bardstown Accordians

    Some others that I cant think of, but anyhow, If any of you own one or more of these libraries, what do you think is missing or what sound to you wish you could get out of these? Or even better what have you tried that works really well?

    I have to admit I haven\'t played enough with DDSW and DDSB to \"know\" them, but I need to get into them

    Same Goes for the Bardstown stuff as I just got them and haven\'t even really gotten into them at all...but will sometime in the next week or so. I dont think there is much for me to do on the grand. The new ART file does alot \"out of the box\".

    I\'m also getting VRsounds Upright Bass and Tenor Sax and Percussion. they are on the way so I\'m going to have some new stuff to plug away on.

    Anyhow, I\'d like to tweak around on some ideas. Beyond all the string talk if possible.

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: Wishlist for current libraries


    I\'ve been really anxious to get back into Ethno World, and create some loops from the phrases in Heart of asia. I dont own RI and know that the erhu is something I want to get my hands on. Are there pitch bend notes/phrases in that library?

    I have a few ideas for Ethno World. In fact some very elaborate sample editing ideas for botht that and DD SW. I\'m waiting for the release of Gary\'s solo string before sharing these tho because some of the ideas and tweaks on my side (there are a couple of working out ideas) have been fine tuned with Gary in regards to his solo strings. So I feel he deserves the \"unveiling\" of it. Still without those I can think of a few things I\'d do with Ethno World to \"unlock\" some potential in it.

    I forgot I also have LOP. This is gonna be a fun sample edit libray. Batch processing all teh samples with wacky filters and distortions and reverb. Then replace them to get some crazy instruments. I love percussion

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: Wishlist for current libraries

    In reponse to you initial question: I want a good piano sample.

    The new Post piano samples sound the best. But the overtones still aren\'t there. We need a piano that is more limited: a G major piano, for example, or an E flat piano. The attempt to create a generic piano is the problem. Can someone dedicate all the RAM requirements to one key and see what happens?

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    Re: Wishlist for current libraries

    jake Pianos are a little out of my realm. I dont really understand the fundamentals of the sound that comes out of a piano. I dont play piano and only have played a real one possibly 4 times in my life

    Could you describe what you\'re asking?

    Or better yet anyone else want to chime in on some ideas?

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: Wishlist for current libraries

    There is no such thing as a G major piano nor an E flat piano.

    Michiel\'s Steinway D is the Best Piano Period.

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    Re: Wishlist for current libraries

    Jake, if you\'re talking about the resonance samples, I agree. They don\'t reinforce the fundamental and upper harmonics of the particular chord played...instead they respond only to individual notes and chordally sound like an atonal wash. It would be quite a feat to create resonance samples for every combination of keys struck (even if it\'s limited to one key). Maybe some kind of algorithmic resonance generator would be more feasible.

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