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Topic: Some Dissonance tricks

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    Some Dissonance tricks

    If you\'re doigna horror flick or looking for some really crazy FX sounds with strings and brass. A cool trick is

    1. to layer the same instrument from two different libraries ( or make two instruments with different samples on the same note so you dont get phase problems)

    2. Adjust the pitch variation on each one to be different.

    3 play a note and bend the pitch slightly. You start to get an out of tune dissonant sound that is great for tension or annoyance,...which ever

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: Some Dissonance tricks

    Soounds like the old \'leave \'em out of tune, it\'ll sound bigger\' trick...

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    Re: Some Dissonance tricks

    heh... Actually Since you get to control the PItch in real time you get to get a control of the \"out of tune-ness\"

    Try it, you get a really cool WAY out of tune sound that you can vary in real time...like I said great for Horror/FX strings

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: Some Dissonance tricks

    Hehe cool.....

    When is your theremin-war-of-the-worlds Giga-format 6-disc sample library coming out? Featuring 16 velocities, clever programming, 160 page manual and free to-door-delivery disc updates (new theremin models)?


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    Re: Some Dissonance tricks


    Maarten, When I ... TAKE OVER THE WORLD!!!... oh wait no maybe tomorrow

    Gulliver, i totally agree, and if you throw this pitch shift trick on top of it, you get all kinds of fun...

    Its really an awesome effect, I\'ve always loved it, but somehow thought it was a \"common\" trick. i still believe it is, but I also realize there are many people who dont know \"tricks\" at all.. so why not

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: Some Dissonance tricks

    One simple, idiomatic way to achieve this is by clustering in high registers maybe via violins and/or flutes. You can also add viola harmonics and this works very effectively in ppp to pppp range. Sordino patches can come in very handy for that extra icey topping.

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