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Topic: Thanks Maarten!

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    Thanks Maarten!

    By chance I went to your web site today (great new design btw) and downloaded the Adams Timpani Gig.

    All I\'ll say as to the quality of this new addition to the SAM library is that I\'ve already put it to use in a piece I\'m working on.

    Thanks again and great work!

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    Re: Thanks Maarten!

    wha?! what website?

    Maarten, did you use this timpani in your killer demo for Worra\'s Big Ol\' Brass library?...blew me away!


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    Re: Thanks Maarten!

    Tokyo: you\'re welcome!


    Uhm there is no timpani in the BOB demos! Perhaps you mean some larger percussion or drums.

    I did use my own timpani in the new Frighteners Re-score on my website.

    [This message has been edited by Maarten Spruijt (edited 02-06-2002).]

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    Re: Thanks Maarten!

    Maarten... too cool, man. Too cool. \'Nuff said.

    if anyone here has had a prob DLing the timpani, (ie, you click on the Download link and get garbled txt, or you right click the Download link to do a \"save as\" and it is not listed as an option,, only \"play\" \"fastforward\" etc) please lemme know if you find a solution. I\'d kinda like to check it out...

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    Re: Thanks Maarten!

    Try copying the link into a Download Manager of somesort

    Thats what I did.

    Was wondering when Maarten was going to tell everyone about this sucker. I wanted to share, but thought Maarten was going to tell everyone. guess he wanted it to be a surprise

    Anyways. Yes THANKS!!! This sucker is pretty cool

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: Thanks Maarten!

    ҅jYqVdw T|W|0pz!=/\'D%GrYɯWnfUL 83-} #ըT.VU5wMg 7%t& lwRF 1BҸk!}9hVˇΐ/IL`z.X~k:9~r:i`p\\#^XEP i*u7ti

    it\'s all i have when i click to download adam timpani.
    btw maarten your new site looks nice.
    thanx any help

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    Re: Thanks Maarten!

    Listen to King guys.

    Just copy the address from the ascii mess window into some download or ftp manager.


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    Re: Thanks Maarten!

    Right click this link:

    Select Save As...

    Change the extension (again) back to .rar if it is displayed as .htm

    Maarten, I hope you don\'t mind that I post this link.



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    Re: Thanks Maarten!

    Thanks from me too. Your timps patch is more \'dirty\' than the ones done by Donnie. Might come in handy! I\'ll try and fool around I am sure it\'ll find some use, like your trumpet has already done in one (E.T.) and one upcoming thing So when is your free Maartens Orchestral Ukulele coming out?

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    Re: Thanks Maarten!

    Thanks Maarten. I enjoy using and playing this timpani. I really like the keyboard layout between the different samples, very handy.

    I\'d like to know your intentions on these free samples. Are you still working on these for later release, so this is like a public beta? (Same question for the TRUMPET). Or are you not doing any further work on the Trumpet and Timpani?

    I particularly like the short cres. roll to the ring out. The 2nd patch has this for every pitch but it\'s the dampened version. Do you have a set that does these short cres to accented note but rings out?

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