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Topic: serious problems with Gigasampler

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    serious problems with Gigasampler

    First of all, I have to excuse because this language is not easy for me.
    I have installed gigasampler1.5 in my system(PIII 550,256mb Ram, SoundBlaster Live...)and when I play the first note it hangs and this message appear :

    GS provocó un error de protección general
    en el módulo S3_8.DRV de 0006:00000208.
    EAX=00000000 CS=037f EIP=00000208 EFLGS=00010202
    EBX=00000000 SS=323f ESP=de27882e EBP=0000885c
    ECX=00000000 DS=2037 ESI=000118f3 FS=3227
    EDX=000000bc ES=11ee EDI=00001c82 GS=039f
    Bytes en CS:EIP:
    ,02x ,02x ,02x ,02x ,02x ,02x ,02x ,02x ,02x ,02x ,02x ,02x ,02x ,02x ,02x ,02x
    Volcado de pila:
    ,08x ,08x ,08x ,08x ,08x ,08x ,08x ,08x ,08x ,08x ,08x ,08x ,08x ,08x ,08x ,08x

    Anybody knows what can I do ?

    I have two HD, one of them scsi. Which must I use with Giga ?


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    Re: serious problems with Gigasampler

    If you update (free) to 1.6 (www.nemesysmusic.com) this problem should go away. It is a video driver related problem. (S3_8.DRV ) That is a stealth diamon S3 card as best I can tell. You can also try changing the veiw to 16 MIDI channels with no levels until you get updated.
    Take care

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