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Topic: Question about LOP

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    Question about LOP

    As an owner of Ultimate Orchestral Percussion, I\'ve been considering upgrading to LOP. The one question I have is, how is the micing and room ambience reflected in the samples? Despite being advertised as not close-mic\'d, 90% of UOP sounded very close. Don\'t get me wrong, the sound quality is great, but I was expecting something a little different. Earlier talk about an upgrade to UOP mentioned being able to control the amount of room ambience with the mod wheel which is a great idea. So again the question is, how does the micing sound on LOP (yes I\'ve heard the demo but I couldn\'t really tell). Please help!

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    Re: Question about LOP

    The Room control in LOP is more like Room Decay control rather than actual Room Control

    I dont have UOP but with LOP dont expect aht \"WAAAAAAY BAAAACK\" hall sound. The impact of the imtrumets sound dry, but the decay of the hall is there.

    I like htese sounds. The timps sound really powerful, but not Boomy and muddy. Of course I would have rather the library be more like Real Giga Drums where you have complete control of the room mic volume and complete control of the dry mic volume. This however isn\'t the case....

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    Re: Question about LOP

    I really like the sound of LOP. I don\'t know if I would want percussion put back much more in the room as it may add mud to fast passages. I have not had a chance to play through all of the samples. This is library is a nice add-on to UOP. Much more control over snares, timps, cymbals plus it has many percussion instruments missing in UOP.

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    Re: Question about LOP

    Thanks for your help. I\'d really like to see an orchestral perc library that had adjustable close and far(decca tree) mic levels via controllers so you can have the best of both worlds, but until then I think I\'ll get the LOP.

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    Re: Question about LOP

    Why would anyone want close recordings of orchestral percussion? Other types of percussion I could understand but orch. perc. I can\'t.


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    Re: Question about LOP


    really close militiristic snares, FX, Creating FX by moving the faders of each mic while its being played. Dry for piano, far for FF.
    Any how, when I say Dry and Far, I mean the \"closer\" mic and a mic with a \"deep\" sound without as much impact.

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    Re: Question about LOP

    Sorry if this has been covered, but, DONNIE, what is the upgrade price/ procedure from UOP to LOP? Last time I looked at the bigfish site it doesn\'t mention it.

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    Re: Question about LOP


    No problem at all....this is how it works...if you send in UOP, AO perc, or Miroslav perc, you get $150 off the price of LOP. It\'s as simple as that! Hope you enjoy!


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    Re: Question about LOP

    huh? This is getting interesting...

    Donnie, do you mean that owners of the Advanced Orchestra CD 5 (Percussion) also apply for this \"cross-grade\"? I have the entire AO set for GS. Could I also make use of this?

    Will you be posting the exact conditions for updates and special offers?



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    Re: Question about LOP

    Donnie, so this means you can now longer use UOP I presume?????

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