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Topic: When playing Bosendorfer piano with the pedal down

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    When playing Bosendorfer piano with the pedal down

    When I play the Bosendorfer Piano with the sustain Piano pedal down, I hear pops and noise . Just wondering if any one else had experianced this problem. My computer should be fast enough to run it . Its a pentium 3 450 with 128 megs of ram and a seperate dedicated to giga sampler ATA ultra 66 hard drive and a sound blaster live card. thanks for your time , Ken

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    Re: When playing Bosendorfer piano with the pedal down

    Ken, that\'s not normal, your system ought to be fine, although 128 megs is the bare minimum for this sample, it occasionally (infrequently) lagged for a moment on my system which is similar to yours until I got 256 megs, just for this instrument!

    First thing to look for is shared interrupt problems, particularly with the sound card and maybe the drives or video. A more likely candidate is the SB, I have one of these too, but use it as infrequently as possible since I generally get music out of my box with a Frontier card. I\'ve noted that I often have to have substantially bigger buffers (more latency) with the SB card to get clean output. I don\'t know about GS specifically on that card since I use GSIF with the Dakota. You might call Nemesis to confirm how well the SB card works, and check out the manual and the web for tips on tuning your system for audio (I don\'t have great pointers handy for these things)

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    Re: When playing Bosendorfer piano with the pedal down

    Thanks alot for the sugestions , Ill try them out. Ken

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    Re: When playing Bosendorfer piano with the pedal down


    I have experienced the same problem with the Steinway B lagging periodically. I had this problem often with 128mb of ram, but it decreased (did not completely go away) after I beefed my PII-450 up to 256 mb. I was wondering if the problem went completely away when you upgraded your system or if it still happens periodically for you. This lagging problem is very strange and frustrating to pinpoint because I cannot determine if it is caused by playing fast or slow, or playing high polyphony passages. I was wondering if it may be my midi interface that causes this problem, I use a turtle beach montego A3Dxtreme right now with an Event Darla 24. I have heard that giga really works best with a pro quality midi interface, but I would like some people to share their opinion on this.


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    Re: When playing Bosendorfer piano with the pedal down

    I have no lag problems now at 256M with the Boesy or anything else. FWIW my gigs are on a fast SCSI drive, I dunno if that matters. I assume your grafics card is AGP, not PCI (which would hog the system bus). I\'d look out for autostarted programs, ram resident stuff, IRQ conflicts. Beyond that, I dunno.

    good luck,

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    Re: When playing Bosendorfer piano with the pedal down

    I believe the pops and clicks is because of Windows swaps memory to harddrive or vice versa.

    I have 2 gig piano sample with 87 samples by 10 layers, and if I run this using 256 megs of ram I get occasional pops and clicks. With 384, I get no clicks / pops. My machine is:

    Athlon 550, 384 Megs RAM (PC100), Seagate Medalist IDE drives (17 gig, 9 ms, 512kb, 5400 RPM), SoundBlaster Live card for Giga. This is not a super speedy box, but good enough (and very stable) playing huge samples. Notice that my HDs are only Medalist... but good enough. I have different drives for win98 system files and giga.

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    Re: When playing Bosendorfer piano with the pedal down

    Also I have my windows stuff and applications
    on my c: ide drive, and GS streams from
    a fast SCSI drive. If I\'m recording
    GS, I\'ll write the audio files to the
    C: drive so nothing competes with GS.
    I don\'t know if all this is necessary, but
    it works well for me.

    Particle, if you had 256M and maybe that
    second drive, your system ought to be
    more than adequate, assuming your sound
    card works well with GS (though I wouldn\'t
    necessarily assume that it does)

    best wishes all

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    Re: When playing Bosendorfer piano with the pedal down

    I just got a 1Ghz Dell. 128MB Rambus RAM. 10K RPM SCSI hardrive. I loaded Bosendorfer with gigasampler 1.52. Unless Gigasampler is the only app running, I get pops in the output. I\'m assuming I need to upgrade (already) to at least 256 MB of RAM (rambus is expensive). I can\'t imagine even running cakewalk to reocord to while Giga is running. What do I need in order to record gigsampler performances to cakewalk for example. I only have 1 hard disk. I may be adding a 2nd on soon for cakewalk. Can someone please comment on the overall basics of what I would need to run giga and cake on the same machine.

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    Re: When playing Bosendorfer piano with the pedal down

    I\'m using an ultra dma drive, 256K, pentium II 350, Cake pro, and the steiway and yamaha all at once with sb live. No pops as long as I do a reboot prior to starting out and remove all windows programs from startup that are running in the background. I record using sblive verb, which I think is competitive with the best. I have the BOS too; never any problems. Listen to my material at http://artists.mp3s.com/artists/42/john_lewis_grant.html

    If you hear any pops, etc., I\'ll eat my hat.


    John Grant

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    Re: When playing Bosendorfer piano with the pedal down

    Hi All
    Im the guy that made the intial posting on this topic . In reference to this subject, After I posted that question I defraged my giga hard drive and I still got pops and clicks with the pedal down . So today I finally got around to fdiscing and formating all the hard drives [I was told that if you have a virus on your hard drive , just formating wont get rid of it ,you have to fdisc then format].So I wanted to totally wipe the disc clean and reload windows 98-2 and my drivers and programs , then reloaded giga sampler and the 1.8 bosendorfer. And now for some reason , even with the pedal down the bosendorfer doesn\'t pop or click any more.
    My set up is a pentium 3-450 with udma-ata -66 hardrives [ with one devoted to giga sampler ], 128 megs of ram ,and the sound blaster live card , so I guess you dont have to have 256 megs of ram to get the bossy working .Im not really sure why this worked .

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