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Topic: Dan Dean Solo Brass

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    Dan Dean Solo Brass

    I hear that the demos on the site don\'t really do it justice. Also have heard that it\'s a fairly closely mic\'d library.

    How would you describe the overall sound? Any film score mix that it\'s comparable to? Right now I\'m looking for a somewhat closely mic\'d John Williams sound. For example, listen to the Indiana Jones soundtracks (\"Desert Chase\" from Raiders, \"Belly of the Steel Beast\" from Last Crusade, etc.)... that\'s what I\'m goin\' for. Close and clean.

    So... any comments? Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Dan Dean Solo Brass

    I built some really cool patches out of DD Solo Brass.

    With filters added to his \"ensemble\" instruments you can get some REALLY playable samples.

    I\'ve honestly not had enough time to really delve into each instrument, but I think its a good library.

    Everything has a that really loud FFF sample that no other library has. However there is less of that resonating sound in some samples compared to say QLB. For example the horn(s) dont have that \"BIG BIG BIG\" sound that people are looking for. With some EQ and verb tho It can manage pretty well. Mixed with other libraries or even synth sounds It can probably do some damage! However the trumpets and the Bones. I\'m really digging.

    this is also another one of those libraries with alot of source material to go in and tweak with. Tho I think they are WA_ format in the gig files, So I need to get one of those translating software apps that will allow me to export the waves if I want to batch process files.

    I\'m pretty excited about DD Brass Ensembles. They sound Very John Williams to me from the very ilttle I\'ve heard. I would expect some demos within the next few months on these....and then of course some crazy user demos that really show it off. How I wish I was a beta tester on this library.

    right now for the near future Brass is looking really good with DD BE and Maarteen\'s Horns.

    There is no doubt in my mind that DD BE is going to be a must have even with Gary\'s library in the future. I just expect two completely different approaches with each of these and am glad for it.

    About Maarten\'s. The underdog is showing promising results I have no doubt that this will be a very cool library as well.

    anyhow, if you\'re looking for JW sound. I personally dont think they are really close mic\'d all the time, there is a bit of distance in them. Wait and see what DD BE gives ya. Or Get DD SB AND DD BE, I bet you that they will integrate pretty well.

    Then of course Buy Maarten\'s and Gary\'s Brass. I mean, They\'re all going to be good!

    blah I didn\'t help Dammit!

    I dont think you\'ll get the sound you\'re looking for with just DD SB on its own. However its on my list of \"tweaker\" libraries, that I want to delve into a little more.

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: Dan Dean Solo Brass

    I\'m very happy with Dans solo french horn. The sound quality is great and you have the ability to go from p to FFF samples with the mod wheel.
    It is not a far mic\'d sound, but there are ways you can give it depth if you experiment with verbs, EQ and stuff.
    For the price, it is a great library to have and is the best solo french horn I\'ve heard yet.
    I did a demo of the Shawshank Prison theme a while back and used Dans french horn in it. If you are interested in hearing it within a mix of strings, here is the webpage: http://damonbbradley.tripod.com/damonbradley/

    The demo is at the bottom of the page and the horn comes in at about 43 seconds.

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    Re: Dan Dean Solo Brass

    Hi, I\'ve lurked about on this board for a while enjoying all the fine info and debates, but haven\'t posted \'til now. I thought I could contribute a few examples of DDSB in action.

    I\'m quite happy with my purchase of the library, as it seems to mix very well with the other brass I use in getting an aggressive sound that I couldn\'t achieve before. The \'Tuba Czar\' patch alone could knock you across the room if you\'re not careful.

    I\'ve been able to get a rather violent french horn sound by combining (in GigaEdit) the fff DDSB Fr. Horn sustains, the DDSB Fr. Horn fp patch, and a double layer of the QLB Fr Horn MOD patch\'s loudest velocity (which I also pumped up the treble of the samples themselves). I was aiming for something resembling the sound of the loud horn theme from Goldsmith\'s \'13th Warrior\' score... I\'m happy with the result even if it isn\'t the greatest example of emulated orchestral realism ever achieved.

    Anyhow, please feel free to listen to the couple of demos I posted at my website:

    Both use DDSB patches in conjunction with other libraries to get a brash, bombastic, bludgeoning sound (please excuse my alliteration).

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    Re: Dan Dean Solo Brass

    Lance, I LOVE the DD solo brass library. It is easily my favorite library. However I will say that for really good ensemble sounds, I have to mix it with the Quantum Leap Brass ensembles.

    If you want to hear what my mixed brass sounds like, as well as some of the solo instruments, check out these samples:







    NewIdea is part of a student film I\'m currently working on. Raider and Heros are short demos of the trumpet section sound (using Dan\'s non-vibrato trumpet) I\'ve made combining the libraries. I\'ve also made some demos with just the Dan Dean solo sounds.

    JFK is Dan\'s solo trumpet (vibrato version). Braveheart is the solo horn. Yonder is the DD Solo Trombone. Tuba is obviously the DD solo Tuba.

    As a solo instrument brass library, the DD Solo Brass has no current equal in my opinion. However until Dan releases his brass ensemble library, I think mixing the DD Solo Brass and Quantum Leap Brass is pretty much the best you can do, albeit it is REALLY expensive to get both libraries.

    I don\'t know how long I can keep all this up, because I need this disk space to give demos to the directors of the film I\'m working on, but I hope this gives you an idea of what the library is like. It is great for solo sounds, and great for layering on top of other ensemble patches, but I wouldn\'t recommend it for the included ensemble sounds.

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    Re: Dan Dean Solo Brass

    Excellent!! I haven\'t yet heard the two together, but it makes a wonderful sound. Could anybody please making a fast realistic passage with available brass libraries?

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    Re: Dan Dean Solo Brass

    A_Sapp, I have a fast passage, but not enough disk space to upload it. Maybe in a few days I will clear out the rest of the .mp3\'s I listed above and post the faster passage.

    I will say that the DD solo brass handles fast stuff really well. You still can\'t go crazy--trying to get it to play the super-fast trumpet riffs in John Williams Olympic fanfare and Theme is still really tough. But in general, you can certainly do fast brass work.

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    Re: Dan Dean Solo Brass

    Hey Joel. Very nice. Intersting that you seem to have gone from Loud/thrash guitar to loud/thrash brass. Great stuff - put me right into \'epic movie\' mode.

    Boy, people here really like to give it what for in the brass section. If you guys ever get hold of a real orchestra, you\'d better get some oxygen ready (and a few crates of beer :-)

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