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Topic: Attn Bruce Richardson or Scarbee!!!!!

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    Attn Bruce Richardson or Scarbee!!!!!

    Hi guys

    Forgive me for posting this under the Libraries, but hey its all related. I wish to use my soundlibraries with Controllers.

    I just wanted thank both of you for recommending the Fatar Keyboards. I ended up buying the Sl 1100.

    I had some questions on using this piece of gear.

    Is there any way I can assign the Modulation wheel to be used for CC11 Expression?

    All I see is the option to turn MOD On or OFF

    I have a roland XP30 and wish to do the following

    1. Use my Fatar as a Master Piano controller and Bass etc. Just Midi Out.

    2. Since the Fatar does not have internal sounds what is the Midi In/Out for?

    3. How would I hook up these two Keyboards if I wanted to use Fatar Sl 1100 for Piano Control and Bass etc, and then use my Roland XP30 as a controller as well, but also use the sounds on this Keyboard.

    I am sitting with the following:
    I have my Fatar SL 1100 Midi Out going to my soundcards Midi IN. I then have my Soundcards Midi Out going into my Roland XP 30 Midi In to trigger the sounds.

    What would be the solution to use both Keyboards as controllers and still access the sounds from the XP30?

    Thanks for your time


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    Re: Attn Bruce Richardson or Scarbee!!!!!


    If you are not Bruce or Scarbee, I welcome your advice. I just wanted to thank them personally.



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    Re: Attn Bruce Richardson or Scarbee!!!!!

    Hey Dude

    Post this in the other thread. I will not help you for this reason!

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    Re: Attn Bruce Richardson or Scarbee!!!!!

    I would also be very interested in how to hook up as you described.
    Anyone out there who could guide us in the right direction?

    Please shed some light its dark in here!!!

    [This message has been edited by caveman (edited 02-08-2002).]

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    Re: Attn Bruce Richardson or Scarbee!!!!!

    According to the S1100 manual, it merges any data at its midi input with whatever you play on its keyboard to both its midi outputs.

    This means you can:

    1. Plug the midi out of the XP30 to the midi input of the Fatar. Your XP30 data now appears at both midi outputs of the Fatar.

    2. Plug one of the midi outs of the Fatar to the soundcards midi input. Now both the Fatar and XP30 keyboards are getting to the soundcard.

    3. Before plugging the soundcard midiout into the XP30\'s midi in make sure you do this:
    Turn \'LOCAL\' OFF in the XP30. \'Local\' is a term which describes the fact that the keyboard on the synth is internally routed to its internal (\'local\') sound engine. As you will be getting the XP30 data back in from the soundcard, you don\'t want to double this up by also playing it direct from the keyboard. It sounds terrible. So turn \'local\' off in the XP30. You\'ll find it somewhere in the global midi parameters. This also means that, unless you route to the XP via a sequencer track, you won\'t hear the XP. That means you aren\'t constantly turning the XP volume down when you\'re playing its keyboard, but want to hear the soundcard.

    So now if you play the Fatar, it gets into the computer and thus also into the XP (if you route it that way in the sequencer). If you play the XP, it gets into the computer. When you play a sequence back, it can be routed to the XP. This is pretty much all you need.

    Good thing the Fatar had that midi in. Saved you buying a midi merger

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    Re: Attn Bruce Richardson or Scarbee!!!!!

    Hi Chadwick

    Thank you for all the information. It is nice to know that there are experienced people to help us out. I thank you for your time, and keeping your Giga Patriotism.

    To Raven, I think that you need too realise what sharing is all about. I do not have time for Ill comments, especially if someone is looking for help. If I new something, I would share it, no matter where it is posted.

    If you needed help Raven I would still help you because I like to help people, and it gives me experience.

    Chadwick, I respect your time on answering the questions.


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    Re: Attn Bruce Richardson or Scarbee!!!!!

    Thanks Chadwick!

    I didn\'t really know what to answer - I just use the keyboard as it is...


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