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Topic: Mike Pinder Mellotron Samples

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    Mike Pinder Mellotron Samples

    Could someone with the Mike Pinder Mellotron CD post a composition featuring those sounds...I would love to hear what people are doing with mellotron samples...Im looking at YOU Kobb!!!



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    Re: Mike Pinder Mellotron Samples

    Okay, now my computer illiteracy will be fully exposed.

    I have never in my life converted a file to MP3 - I guess I\'ve never felt the need to do it. However I would love to learn, especially if it would be of assistance to folks around here (after all I\'ve learned, I\'d like to \"give back\" a bit).

    So here are my capabilities:
    1. I currently record to a Roland 1680, so I could easily make a CD-R copy of a demo composition that\'s stuffed with Mellotron samples.

    2. My giga computer and internet computer are two separate animals. I would imagine that I could use the internet computer to convert the CD to MP3.

    Here are a few questions:
    1. How would I convert the demo on the CD-R to MP3? Is there a certain program that will take files from the CD-ROM player and convert it to MP3?

    2. Where would I then post the MP3 file so that you guys could have access to it? I don\'t have a website. Could I just e-mail it dircectly to you?

    Sorry for the very basic questions, but as I mentioned I\'ve never really cared much about creating my own MP3s so I\'ve never looked into it. I\'ll start to do some web research on my own, but if someone could point me in the right direction I would appreciate it. I\'ll do what I can to create a useful demo for you, JP.

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    Re: Mike Pinder Mellotron Samples

    I would absolutely love to hear what you\'ve done! Im also I fan of John Brion...so anything tidbits that you have...I would greatly appreciate hearing!!!


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    Re: Mike Pinder Mellotron Samples

    Would you be willing to e-mail me your snail mail address? I\'m afraid that at this point it would just be quicker to send you an actual CD-R rather than have you waiting until I get up and running with the MP3 thing.

    My e-mail adress is jasonbknox@hotmail.com

    I\'ll send the quick demo and some snippets from some actual songs.

    If you\'re thinking about getting the disc, I would highly recommend it. There\'s a dirty beauty to the sounds that is just wonderful. I think there is also a giga library called \"string boxes\" or something. Not sure how that sounds but I think it\'s cheaper (by just a bit).

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    Re: Mike Pinder Mellotron Samples

    Hey Kobb,

    So what audio interfacce did you end up getting for your GigaDAW? do you have any audio editors yet? (wavelab, sound forge, etc)

    With my 1680 and WamiRack, I have them connected through S/PDIF, and I record directly into Wavelab. from their I can convert to MP3.

    If you are adamant about burning the demo to CD-r then turning it into MP3, you can do it with a bunch of shareware apps out there. Just check www.download.com and search for MP3 encoder.

    I personally use AudioCatalyst on my non audio system. And used Wavelab on my Audio system. Its more for convenience rather than sound

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: Mike Pinder Mellotron Samples


    Thanks for the tip, King.

    I have an M-Audio Delta 1010 interface, so it has digital ins. I have Wavelab, but haven\'t explored it much beyond making simple wave files. I would definitely prefer to do the MP3 thing, if only for the sake of learning how to do it. Thanks again for the lead.

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    Re: Mike Pinder Mellotron Samples

    Just to wrap up this thread...

    JP sent me a link to a program called \"audio grabber\" which converted my CD demo to MP3. Then I just sent it to him via e-mail. It couldn\'t have been simpler.

    Thanks to both JP and King for your help and suggestions. King, I am going to look into using Wavelab to create MP3s in order to eliminate the CD middleman.

    I love this place.

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    Re: Mike Pinder Mellotron Samples


    I just finished a short demo using the Mellotron library exclusively. It\'s not so much a composition as a collection of tidbits to display some of the sounds. I\'m not sure if that\'s what you\'re looking for, but let me know if you\'d like to hear it and I\'ll figure out some way to get it to you (I\'m trying to enter the 21st century and get up to speed on posting MP3s - but I\'m not there yet. Still stuck in 1993 or so).

    If you\'re just curious about how I use it in PRACTICAL applications, I\'ve used it mostly on the local musicians that I record. One particular singer/songwriter\'s CD has little Mellotron and Chamberlin samples scattered throughout the disc. I\'m a big fan of Jon Brion and Mitchell Froom, and listening to the keyboards on the discs they\'ve produced (Crowded House, Aimee Mann, Rufus Wainright) is the primary reason I bought the Mellotron CD-ROM.

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