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Topic: I have enough drums, but JEEZ!

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    I have enough drums, but JEEZ!


    I think I may have to pick it up!

    anyone play with it. I have 200 bucks to go to get my first 1000 points. This and BT\'s stuff and maybe the celtic CD are the ones I\'m toying with. BT\'s are a definite, as well I could use them on a project.

    Percussive adventures is one I want as well, but am still putting off, for some stupid reason. As well as RI, but thats SoundChaser for me.

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: I have enough drums, but JEEZ!

    Hmm no demo audio of it?

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    Re: I have enough drums, but JEEZ!

    Are there just two CD\'s of drum hits? Sounds like most of it are loops? Is that your take King? Also, have you picked up Purrfect Drums?

    BTW, are you looking at getting both BT libraries? Twisted Textures is on my list.

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    Re: I have enough drums, but JEEZ!

    yah I know..no demo

    Looks like its loops/drum takes which is fine with me if there are some really slow ones I can cut hits out of and put together the \"right\" performance.

    I dont have Purrrfect drums. I really dont need any more single hits/multisamples. I\'m looking for loops libraries with lots of control now. Actually I want to pick up Purrfect drums if only to check it out. The demos are driving me nuts because I find them pretty terrible, but there is alot of raving about it. So I personally want to pick it up, check it out, and do some demos that do the library justice if it is at all good

    About BT\'s stuff I\'m getting both right now. Been wanting them for a while. I saw BT at NAMM demoing them and gave him compliments on both libraries sounding so damn good. Now I just need to get my hands on them. I couldn\'t for the life of me figure out what I liked about the sound of this library until I saw him at NAMM and he talked about the EQing he did on it. Its got a very clean sound compared to libraries like XXXLarge and some of the other crap out there.

    I think I\'m gonna pick up Percussive adv today as well using my Points so I get a hundered bucks off. If not that, then Smart violins.... I dont need either tho.... and I\'m paying way too much in taxes this year

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: I have enough drums, but JEEZ!

    King, I have a feeling Spectrasonics new groove-VSTi will be the new cool solution to electronic drums Cant wait to check it out. Will be much easier to work with than sample CD\'s I think. Not sure if it will include non-processed drums though.

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    Re: I have enough drums, but JEEZ!

    Hey King!

    Are Sounds online still running the points scheme? I Can\'t any mention of it on the site.

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    Re: I have enough drums, but JEEZ!

    TJ yup Still going.

    the only way to find out how many points you have is to get to the checkout screen. Atleast it is as far as I know. The area where you put in either a promo code or your points.

    Really...I am an Idiot

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