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Topic: Another whacky demo posted

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    Another whacky demo posted

    Hold on, had to fix something.

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    Re: Another whacky demo posted

    Okay, I forgot the jazzy ride cymbal. If anyone is still interested in this quirky jazzy/electronica piece here it is.
    It\'s called \"A Method to Madness\".

    Hope ya like it

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    Re: Another whacky demo posted

    Hey Damon,

    Nice work, man. It\'s like Twin Peaks on steroids
    By the way, how do you get such a nice spatial distribution of the sound in your mix? Do you use SoundStage too? Just curious...

    Keep\'em coming!

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    Re: Another whacky demo posted

    Thanks Ruben . No, I didn\'t use soundstage for that one. Just put the instruments in certain places and eq\'d some along with the great Waves Renaissance verb.

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