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Topic: Dan Dean Solo Strings

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    Dan Dean Solo Strings

    I have read in many reviews that the sound quality is \"pristine\" and pro quality. I notice a bit of background hiss on long notes. (not present when note is not played so don\'t believe it\'s my system) It is particularly evident in the higher registers and reminds me of the old Mirage quantization noise when stretching samples up the keyboard

    My system is a Dell laptop with the stock sound card (have Egosys U2A but Gig does not recognize). I\'m assuming that the noise is a a factor of the stock sound card and that if I loaded solo strings on a system using GSIF drivers and a high quality card, the results would be more in line with what the reviews indicate. Am I correct or are the samples really not as clean as people say?

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    Re: Dan Dean Solo Strings

    dan dean solo strings are not part of this new generation of samples. not in the same category.

    maybe great for a roland 760

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    Re: Dan Dean Solo Strings

    I have to completely disagree there. Dan Dean solo strings are very well recorded and sound great.
    I think it might be your soundcard.

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    Re: Dan Dean Solo Strings

    Yup...have to agree with Damon. By next generation are you referring to the number of articulations and dynamic layers? I wish it had more of these...but it is a great sounding library.

    I\'m looking forward to Gary\'s.

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