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Topic: Timpani feedback ...

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    Timpani feedback ...

    Hello all,

    For the ones who have tried and used my timpani (from my website) I would really like to hear their suggestions, critics and tips.

    In two weeks I will do the complete percussion recording session again, including the timpani.

    These are my own, main points of improvement. You guys have only heard the timpani, but these points actually go for most of the percussion I sampled that day:

    - better recording gear => better signal/noise-ratio => higher-fi timps (they sound a little dull now)
    - more distinquished left and right hand hits (more difference between l/r)
    - somewhat louder ff hits
    - better programming of the cresc. rolls (e.g. a sampled fast, medium and slow cresc. roll, 3 speeds for each note)

    All percussion I recorded mono. What are your thoughts on this? I didn\'t mike too close, which would mean that using a stereo setup would record the existing ambience, which I didn\'t like. Another thing is that with mono percussion samples you can easily position the players (panning and/or reverb), e.g. from left to right at the back of the orchestra.

    Maarten www.maartenspruijt.com

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    Re: Timpani feedback ...


    I have been trying for days to download your timpani files-all I get is a text file (looks like a MIME substitution) that loses data about 5 MB through. Right-click gives me a Flash control box rather than a download option.

    Can you post a direct link to the file? I\'d appreciate it if it\'s possible. THanks.


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    Re: Timpani feedback ...

    Hi Marten,

    I appreciate your making this library available. I like that you let them the timpani decay naturally. In Logic however I can\'t seem to cut the notes off. I could probably program envelopes in if I understood Giga better, as it is you can\'t dampen the sound.

    As for the rolls they sound nice until they cut off. You virtually have to add a strike at the end to cover up the end of the roll.

    I agree with your concerns, though the sound quality seems fine for the most part. I\'m not sure that stereo is necessary, but it would be if you record with more room sound.

    On the whole I find this library useful and look forward to hearing more. Thanks again.


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    Re: Timpani feedback ...

    Pant, good thing about the rolls. I could just trigger a normal sustain sample on release of a roll. Simple and effective.

    About the \"logic\" ringing of the sustain samples. That easy, just shorten the release time in the Giga Editor. Open the timpani patch, select the sustain program, select Release (EG1) from the small, horizontal parameter above the piano strip, select all sustained timp regions and drag down the blue dots.

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    Re: Timpani feedback ...

    Hi Maarten
    I\'ve just tried the timps - I like the pedal
    rolls a lot and also most of the single strokes.However I think the ringing at the
    end is to excessive on those intended to have it. Anyway I think its already better
    than the AO - I haven\'t got UP,LOP or UT so
    I can\'t compare them to these.

    I was working with the AO timpanies a while
    ago trying to do a crescendo - decrescendo roll - not easy since all rolls tends to
    be just crescendo. Maybe you could do a
    set of Crescendo roll, static roll - where
    the loudness is constant and decrescendo
    roll - All three matched so one can put them
    together forming the above mentioned < roll >


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    Re: Timpani feedback ...


    Here\'s a few suggestions....

    Mic everything at a distance. I know this probably goes without saying BUT....also don\'t necessarily mic everything at the same distance. See what distance works better for different instruments.

    Sean and I generally shoot for a noise floor of around -74 to -76. I know this is really low but with good equipment it can be achieved.

    If you don\'t have really good gear rent it.

    Have a percussionist play everything. I know that it\'s just hits BUT you wouldn\'t get a clarinet player to just play long tones on a trumpet.

    Check the room for \"hot\" spots. I usually use a snare drum to do this. Have one person hit the drum in different areas (of the hall) and have another stand where the mics will be and listen for room decay. Find a space that is just right.

    We also use sound pressure meters to gauge where the most sound is comming from. This is especially important with small accessory instruments such as triangles.

    Hope this helps and good luck!


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    Re: Timpani feedback ...

    Whether micing near or far, stereo is the best option on Timpani. I\'ve done some mono percussion samples of my own and when I hear a stereo version in a side by side comparison, the stereo version just sounds more full. This may not apply to all percussion, but things like timpani and bass drum should sound big and just can\'t be captured in mono.

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    Re: Timpani feedback ...

    Gee thanks a lot Donnie! Great advice!

    Everybody take a quick peek at http://www.maartenspruijt.com/truestrike



    [This message has been edited by Maarten Spruijt (edited 02-12-2002).]

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    Re: Timpani feedback ...

    Hi Marten,

    Thanks for posting the page. You\'ll have to let us know as the project moves along. If the price is going to be $100 I want it!


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