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Topic: Giga and linux

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    Giga and linux

    After I started to use Linux on one of my computers, I have realiased how stable Linux is verse Windows 9x/NT.
    I have not had one single crash on the Linux platform, and it does everything I am asking it to do. I am sick and tirred of windows. It is slow and unstable, crashes happens everyday.
    So I would líke to know if Nemesys are planning a version of the Gigasampler/gigastudio for Linux. That would be very cool, and a solution to a lot of my problems.



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    Re: Giga and linux

    Just to add, that the only thing that keeps me away from using Linux is the Gigasampler!!!

    Windows really is a pain and with Win2000 is becomes even more prorietary! I am tired of being dependend on Mr. Gates.

    Having GS running under Linux should be the next step forward.


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