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Topic: Latest views on 'best' drum kit lib?

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    Latest views on \'best\' drum kit lib?

    What are people\'s views on this... looking for good acoustic drum kit and cymbals for laid back rock/pop sound... Purrfect drums? Or is there something better than that?

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    Re: Latest views on \'best\' drum kit lib?

    I just ordered Pure Drums from Yellow Tools. Supposed to be a very good allround rock/pop drums library. Many different kits and a nice sound.

    If you want that live-feel guitar-band drumset try the drums on Acoustic Essentials.

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    Re: Latest views on \'best\' drum kit lib?

    I\'ve been using the Yellow Tools Pure Drums for a couple of months now and I am very happy with them. There are several kits, each with snare, kick, toms, hats, cymbals (and a couple of snare effects: flam, fill and some extra snare \"bounces\" in a separate .gig file... I\'ve been able to use those bounces to get pretty believable rolls by hand).

    For me the biggest plus is the number of samples per drum (16 vels for kick, 16 RH vels and 16 LH vels for snare and hats, 16 vels for toms, etc.). No machine guns here.

    I also really like the natural sound of the drums. But if you\'re looking for Big Pop Star Producer drums, you probably won\'t get them out of the box. You\'ll have to do some heavy eq/comp/verb.

    The only thing I\'m disappointed in is the (lack of) variety in the cymbals. I combine the Acoustic Essentials cymbals to broaden the vocabulary.


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    Re: Latest views on \'best\' drum kit lib?

    KB, would you care to share some of your Pure Drums work with us? Some mp3 demos?


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    Re: Latest views on \'best\' drum kit lib?

    I also have the Pure drums: great variety and very realistic sound. Each Kit also has an additional accompanying snare patch (optional) which contains 50 different samples of that snare.

    17 different kits, 17 different snares. Giga version contains two extra big toms patches also. Total samples for this library is over 3000.

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    Re: Latest views on \'best\' drum kit lib?

    Pretty great value then !!


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    Re: Latest views on \'best\' drum kit lib?

    I was curious how the many layers of HH works out on Yellow Tools Drums.

    I have Bob Clearmountain, Garfield and Erskine. While I like them, I am having a hard time programming an interesting and believable HH pattern that involves running 16ths, with open and closing. I am sure much of it is in my troubles controlling the patch from a keyboard.

    I was just wondering if all those layers in Yellow Tools makes programming a complex HH groove a little easier/more believable?

    Thanks in advance,


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    Re: Latest views on \'best\' drum kit lib?

    My vote is still for Purrfect Drums. I think the amount of material and level of recording is a notch above ever other drum kit library.


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    Re: Latest views on \'best\' drum kit lib?

    the thing I like about Pure Drums is that each kit has a VERY distinct sound

    So you\'ve got a lot of variety.

    However they are way clean, and like KBub said, you\'ll need to do ALOT of tweaking to get a big sound out of them

    I like Real Giga Drums and Real Mega Drums for the big Rockstar Drum sound. RMD has better Toms and snare tones IMO. Tho RGd has better mixing capability and more velocities and more samples.

    Sgarsson. Pure drums is one of the best for running 16ths on the hi hats. Since they are so clean there isn\'t much tail cut off in the Keygrouping hits. Plus left and right hits if I\'m not mistaken haven\'t used it in a few months and have too many drum libraries)

    RGD sounds really good for this as well with Left and Right hits. Its when you layer in too much room sound for the hi hats that it loses its realism with fast hi hat work. Overheads and dry mic Gigs sound pretty good for this.

    I personally like the hi hat work I can get out of RGD more than Pure Drums just because there are 6 different types of hi hat samples

    closed, semi open, all the way open times two (left and right)

    Again thats for that rock and roll/room sound. Pure drums works for more intamate and close sounds. Actually scratch that its not intimate. Its just very clean and controlled.

    if Yellow tools made their library with the ambience control of RGD I\'d be in heaven

    I dont have Puuurfect Drums but it gets alot of raves and isn\'t that expensive. I\'m going to pick it up at some point jsut because there are so many people (whos opinion I respect) adamant in saying that its a great library. Its just that with every demo I\'ve heard turns me off from it. In fact I\'m going to get it and do a demo no matter what I think of it. jsut so that there is more representation of it out there.

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: Latest views on \'best\' drum kit lib?

    Your comments seem to impress me! I think that I\'ll need this library soon! However, I still don\'t have good ears to justify which Drum-kit one can be perfectly arranged in our mixed by listening to MP3 demo. And interesting is when I listen to \"The Grand\" demo, I know that kind of similar Drum sounds in the mixed that I\'m looking for...Anyone has ideas that what Drum-library-kit it is?
    Best regards,

    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size=\"1\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by donnie:
    My vote is still for Purrfect Drums. I think the amount of material and level of recording is a notch above ever other drum kit library.


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