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Topic: Top Harddrive Performers!!!

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    Top Harddrive Performers!!!


    I am ready to purchase a new IDE drive, at 7200 RPM. I am not looking for a huge drive. Something in the region of 30GB.

    What Model and Make harddrive have you been happy with for Streaming Samples and other Audio DAta?

    What is out there that you can recommend?

    Please shed some light, its dark in here!

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    Re: Top Harddrive Performers!!!

    Western Digital 40 gig here. running two of them on ATA100 right off the motherboard

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: Top Harddrive Performers!!!

    I use the Maxtor 7200 RPM drives. Have been very dependable. I\'ve seen the 40 GB drive for $90 locally. We use a large amount of drives at work - we have about 100 computers in our lab. The only Maxtor we had fail was my fault - I dropped it!! Oops! I\'ve had problems with Seagates, Quantums and Western Digitals.

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    Re: Top Harddrive Performers!!!

    I have quiet a few Maxtor IDE\'s and firewire drives, in addition to some IBM\'s. They all perform exceptionally well for me.

    I have never had an IBM drive crash, though I have had a couple of Maxtor\'s crash, but I must say that Maxtor is an excellent company and very service oriented! The two occasions where I have had a Maxtor drive crash, Maxtor immediately sent me new drives the same day and I received them two days later. I did not have to return the crashed drives to Maxtor until I received the new ones from them, and was instructed to return the damaged drives in the same box that they sent the new ones to me in.

    To me, this is first class service and I would never hesitate to purchase additional Maxtor drives.

    Bardstown Audio

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    Re: Top Harddrive Performers!!!

    I use a 60 gig IBM deskstar 7200 rpm that works great for just keeping my gigs and audio files (I use a seperate 8 gig drive for programs and apps). I think I paid only $170.00 for it 8 months ago.

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    Re: Top Harddrive Performers!!!

    Check here: http://www.global-econ.com/PCProducts/Storage.asp
    for 7200-10,000 RPM (And even one 15K speed disk!) These should be able to pump some serious polyphony...


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    Re: Top Harddrive Performers!!!

    The IBM Deskstar 60GB 7200RPM drive is rock solid and not too expensive. I highly recommend it.

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