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Topic: Spin Audio ASIO FX Processor SE and Kontakt

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    Spin Audio ASIO FX Processor SE and Kontakt

    Has anybody tried the Spin Audio ASIO FX Processor SE to host multi instances of Kontakt? Does it work? They say it works with Native Instruments Pro-51. Unlike VStack, this thing works with Windows SE. Does anybody have their EMail addy? I tried their on-line mailer, but I have not got anything back. Input anyone?

    (And later that day
    I finally made contact with SpinAudio. Their first reply was:
    \" >Will ASIO FX Processor SE support multiple instances of Native
    Instruments Kontakt?

    It depends on the audio card you use, what audio card do you have?

    If you are going to use NI Kontakt at full I\'d recommend to wait for our upcoming Virtual Mixing Console product. We plan to have also a Light edition of it which will be priced in 40-50 USD range. In VMC you will not need to run multiple instances - all the Kontakt outputs are available within a single instance. VMC is planned to be ready in June.\"

    All of which means they do not understand the question. I clarified, and when they answer, I will post it here.

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    Re: Spin Audio ASIO FX Processor SE and Kontakt

    The latest from SpinAudio:

    > Steinburg VStack can do this, but only on Windows XP.
    > This is why I want to know if ASIO FX Processor SE supports
    > multiple instances of Native Instruments Kontakt (in Windows
    > SE). Many composers are interested in this question. Will
    > ASIO FX Processor SE do the trick?

    yes it will but only provided that:

    1) The sound card asio drivers support running and streaming from different applications. Unfortunetely we\'ve found that many audio cards
    do not support that in full.

    2) You\'d use different midi in ports for different instances of ASIO FX SE (unless your midi in driver is true multi-client)

    I\'d recommend to wait for Virtual Mixing Cosole to come out. In the VMC you\'ll be able to run multipe instances (up to 16) of Kontakt and much more.

    Chainer will do the same thing. Thanks for the tip Gary G.!

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