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Topic: Apparent 2 Gig Instrument Size Limit???

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    Apparent 2 Gig Instrument Size Limit???

    I have hit what seems to be an internal limit of the Gigasampler editor when trying to create a single instrument file larger than 2 Gigabytes.
    I am in the process of building a 16 layer piano gigainstrument, which will end up being about 5 Gigabytes when all the layers are merged.
    I have kept long recorded decay times to avoid looping.

    However, it seems that no matter how much free space I have on my harddisk, the gigasampler editor will not recognize any free space above a 2Gig size limit. The edit reports:
    \"Temp Free 2047.7 MB \"
    in the status bar regardless of the fact that I have much more space free on my temp drive.
    If I ignore this and try to load in an additional layer of samples which would cross the 2Gig size barrier, the editor warns me that the size may exceed the space on the temp drive.
    If I ignore this warning and try to save the file with the oversized extra layer,then I get a \"error creating chunk\" error message when the process approaches the 2 Gig point and the editor save process aborts.

    I will be sending an e-mail to the folks at Nemesys regarding this, but was wondering if any other folks have hit this 2 gig instrument limit.
    If so, have any of you found a way around it.

    I\'m running on Win\'98, and the disk partition itself is at 6 Gigs.
    There should be plenty of room as far as Windows is concerned.

    Thanks in advance for any help.


    Warren Trachtman

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    Re: Apparent 2 Gig Instrument Size Limit???

    Hi Warren,
    I have had the same limit as you describe no matter the size of free space on the drive. The warning from the editor also shows up if you are working on a file that is in the 1.6GB range. As long as I haven\'t exceeded 2GB everything has been fine.


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    Re: Apparent 2 Gig Instrument Size Limit???

    Hi All
    I can\'t say that I have experianced that because I haven\'t done much sampling with giga sampler but I just wanted to mention the reported limit of the soon to be released giga studio is 4 gig\'s per sample , I think they mean for each indivigual sample .I would asume the new editor will also support that . Ken

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    Re: Apparent 2 Gig Instrument Size Limit???

    Hi W Trachtman
    I think you miss understood me . It was posted that giga studio will support 4 gig\'s per indivitual sample, not patch . So there would be no need to reduce the size of your piano to 4 gig\'s . thanks , Ken

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    Re: Apparent 2 Gig Instrument Size Limit???

    Thanks for confirming the problem Hans. I was able to make a 7 layer, 1.97 Gigabyte in-process giga-instrument file with no problems. I only ran into this issue trying to cross the 2 Gig barrier.

    Thanks also, Kenn159, for the info on the gigastudio limit. I should be able to cut things \"down\" to fit a 4 Gig limit for the upcoming gigastudio, but it is still disappointing to learn of this limitation.


    Warren Trachtman

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    Re: Apparent 2 Gig Instrument Size Limit???

    If I\'m not mistaken, GigaStudio supports \'distributed wave\'. What this means is that individual wave samples does not need to be on the same directory / harddrive. I think this will fix the maximum file size: while gigasampler uses only one file, gigastudio can have multiple.

    I too would really like to have full 8 up and 8 down layers with every key sampled. I think the quality of this is much more superb.

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    Re: Apparent 2 Gig Instrument Size Limit???


    I dug up this old topic, because I am interested in the maximum file size issue. Now, is it possible to create a 4Gb instrument for GigaStudio or not? If so how is it done? Any need for the \"distributed wave\" implementation? (I am not familiar with what it means).


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    Re: Apparent 2 Gig Instrument Size Limit???

    ok..here goes...

    The problem seems to be the --¬ button to load and save your gigs (gsedit then uses your temp dir) the workaround seems to be as simple as using ctr+s to save your work (i got up to 2.4 gig before i ran out of instruments...and if this works for you i expect to be paid in Dan Dean WW

    BTW it helps to move your temp dir to the root of which-ever drive you are using..

    The other option seems to be 2*2gigs edit and bugger about&then merge them into one

    Hope this works for you..

    ps. Anybody wanna buy a HUGE GM library (Dan Dean/Xsample..etc

    Just kidding

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    Re: Apparent 2 Gig Instrument Size Limit???

    My temp dir read D:/Temp 9027 free

    Could have something to do with it?

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    Re: Apparent 2 Gig Instrument Size Limit???

    Ok, Blob,

    Lets say, hypothetically, that I would want to create a sample library that was 4Gb large. I distribute it commercially in MultiDisk format. Would any GigaStudio user be able to play it? Maybe even GigaSampler users? (if the file size limitation only was related to Editor 1.0)

    No imminent releases in the works, just speculating...


    [This message has been edited by Hans Adamson (edited 05-26-2001).]

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