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Topic: HELP with editor urgent

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    HELP with editor urgent

    I was creating a new instrument, like I always do, but suddenly the giga editor is not automatically assigning the waves to the correct regions. I have specified guess from filename \"....60.wav\" and have the overide internal setting checked, but the editor just assigns the first sample to all the regions. I have done this many times before, but suddenly no dice. Any ideas?

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    Re: HELP with editor urgent

    Any chance that just one of your samples might be either not stereo or not mono?

    The only time I see this is when I think I\'m assigning all stereo or all mono samples, and one of them is the opposite. The editor just won\'t cope with both sexes.

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    Re: HELP with editor urgent

    Try un-checking the override internal setting and see if that helps. I do not have that checked in my preferences in the edit menu.


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    Re: HELP with editor urgent

    I think Chadwick may have nailed it.

    i\'ve found this to be an issue that catches me off guard.

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: HELP with editor urgent

    Also, make sure that adjust unity note is set to \"0\" half steps.

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    Re: HELP with editor urgent

    Thanks for the help! I figured it out. The editor does not like short names. They need to be 7 characters long. (or maybe 6, but NOT 5)

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    Re: HELP with editor urgent

    very very werid.

    report that to the guys at Nemesys/Tascam?

    If so its prolly worth mentioning..

    good catch!

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: HELP with editor urgent


    I am surprised that you have been able to use names with anything more than just the note name (for example: A#4). I have never been able to get the wizard to accept anything more complicated without assigning all samples to one region.

    This was reported 1999, and I was not the only one with those problems...

    Check out the subject in 1999:

    I wonder what the criteria is for the wizard to accept a note name and do the job?


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    Re: HELP with editor urgent


    Could you give us an example of a name which the wizard won\'t map? It\'d be a little easier to chase down that way.


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