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Topic: gigasampler and cake 9

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    gigasampler and cake 9

    Playing the Steinway gigapiano sounds great in gigasampler, but when I start
    cakewalk 9 and play the piano I notice when I play arpeggios with the pedal
    down I hear 2 to 3 notes softly repeating inside the arpeggios and they
    continue to loop till I let the pedal up. this behavior disappears when I
    stop cake so its definitely something in cakewalk. I\'ve been changing the
    echo options but no luck so far. Anyone have any ideas

    On a maybe this is related issue, I\'m using a new Yamaha s80 for a
    controller and I notice cakewalk is always registering midi input from this
    keyboard even when I\'m not touching it. Thanks for any replies.


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    Re: gigasampler and cake 9

    Ugh ! Hi John....my name is also John and I have an S80 AND (!) I was getting ready to buy Gigasampler and Cakewalk Pro9 !! Yikes ! I can\'t offer you any help - sorry - but your post gives me pause, since the piano and classical instrument sounds are mainly what I\'m involved with. Damn - please post info if you find a solution. Thanks !

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    Re: gigasampler and cake 9

    Don\'t think its the S80, even though i can\'t rule it out. The midi output i was receiving in cakewalk was from a midi sync message the yamaha was sending, i turned it off and no more output, however the problem remains.

    I can rule out the Lynxone midi inputs, I bought a midisport 2x2 thinking that would solve the problem but the exact same symptons keep occuring.

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