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Topic: London Percussion is Great!

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    London Percussion is Great!

    I\'ve been using London Orchestral Percussion and I must say I am very pleased with this 4 Disk Library. I think this is the new standard for Orchestral Percussion. Tons of choice and excellent sound quality. I rarely endorse a product but this is great stuff. You might want to keep your Ult. Timpani as well. It would take days to just explore these sounds fully. The only thing I couldn\'t find were brush hit snares. I\'ve been looking for that snare sound from \'Apollo 13\' Opening with Trumpet Solo by James Horner; a distant military brush hit snare x2 or 3. Perhaps it\'s here somewhere. anyway this is a nice set.

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    Re: London Percussion is Great!

    Wow! Thanks man! Glad to hear you are enjoying the sounds. I don\'t have to tell you a LOT of time went into it.

    As far as needing a brush snare email me on that and I\'ll see if I can hook you up.


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    Re: London Percussion is Great!

    Donnie, I don\'t have LOP - YET - but can\'t you please hook us ALL up if you\'re gonna offer free update samples??

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    Re: London Percussion is Great!

    Pardon me, I am going to rave on a bit more..

    The Bass Drums kik *** ! from pp to FF and you get a choice: Ludwig or Yamaha. also the Ludwig Black Beauty Snare: Awesome! There are so many snares here.. Its hard to choose- they are all great!

    I really like the rubber mallet Glocks. You can\'t get this sound anywhere else... also the Orch Toms, Wind Chimes, Temple Blocks, Chimes, Triangles, Tambourines etc. etc. all tastefully recorded. Also there are enough Cymbals to sink a Battleship. Everything you\'ll ever need for Orchestra. NOW if there were only a Brass Library to match the Realism of this I would be heaven.

    I can certainly appreciate the hard work that went into this Library. This is THE DEAL of the year so far and a New Standard in Percussion.

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    Re: London Percussion is Great!

    This percussion library is truly awesome! It simply does not get any better than this!


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    Re: London Percussion is Great!

    Gosh!!!! Mel Tron, it\'s guys like you that we make these libraries for. It is so nice as a developer for someone to REALLY appreciate your work. I sincerely appreciate everything you\'ve said.


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    Re: London Percussion is Great!

    I just received LOP and started looking it over. Sound quality is great just like UOP. I was surprised and dissapointed however to see that the timpani weren\'t sampled on every note like UOP. So, in that way I like the UOP timpani sound better. Unfortunately only LOP has the timpani rolls at multiple dynamics and crescendos, however no decrescendos. It should make for a rather tedious combination of the two. That aside, the snare section II blew me away. If you haven\'t heard it, just imagine the opening bars of the 20th Century Fox fanfare...really big and deep. Another thing I noticed is that the 40\" gong has scrape samples that aren\'t assigned to any regions. I wonder if there are others that I\'m missing? Also, I\'m still curious to know why the back of the CD case (very nice by the way) mentions celeste, and yet there is not one to be found.

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    Re: London Percussion is Great!


    This has been mentioned before but I did not read an answer: Is there a special LOP price for those who own UOP?


    Craid D

    [This message has been edited by csduke (edited 02-20-2002).]

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    Re: London Percussion is Great!

    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size=\"1\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by csduke:
    Is there a special LOP price for those who own UOP?<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

    Hi CsDuke,

    I believe there is an upgrade offer with a discount of $150 off the $400 price. Donnie will probably jump in later with more details.


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    Re: London Percussion is Great!

    I\'m confused by the upgrade from UOP - if I upgrade, do I become a *non*-licensed UOP user? In other words, at that point am I no longer allowed to use UOP?

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