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Topic: Benefit of Protools?

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    Benefit of Protools?

    Hey all - I\'m considering getting a DIGI001 setup at some point and am curious...I currently use SoundForge with a host of plugins and have been very familiar and happy with this product.
    What all will I gain with Protools? I know this is a stupid question because I know it\'s the industry standard and all that, but I would like to be able to justify spending the money by saying it will greatly benefit me and can do a million things on the \"mastering\" side of things that Sound Forge can\'t.
    I don\'t want to get it just because it\'s the \"standard\".
    Thanks for any info!

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    Re: Benefit of Protools?

    Sup ZQ?

    All I want to talk about is the pure wav file editing abilities via Pro Tools.

    I work in Post and like all post firms Pro Tools is the only choice for editing.

    If you, like we, spend countless hours of dialog/music/sound efx editing for film/video
    again, there is no other choice.

    As far as being a power Giga user and scoring...

    Pro Tools, is a MIDI sequencer but I do not feel it is as power as say, Sonar. Again, I am referring to only the MIDI side.

    If you, like me, use MIDI mainly as one would use Microsoft Word and then burn all tracks to audio and then plan to do multi edits 05 15 30 60 second spots...then go
    Pro Tools.

    But be warned the Digi 001 does not sync to SMPTE (MIDI Time code, yes) and you only have 8 tracks.

    Last. Digi OO1 does not like HP computers. They state that on the digi site

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    Re: Benefit of Protools?

    Does the Digi001 run on Win2k?

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    Re: Benefit of Protools?

    I personally never saw the benefit of the 001.

    Unless you were using it as an introduction to ProTools. Or are completely familiar with the PT environment and want a \"on the side machine\". For me, though, if you aren\'t going \"all the way\" to Mix/24 and/or DSP Farms, it just isn\'t worth it. The sound in those systems is a jump up from other softwer/systems but not in the PT LE/RTAS, systems if you ask my ears.

    Like Francis said. If you are doing multi edits and short spots, PT is a good choice.

    If you are doing Giga Mixes down to seperate tracks and then mixing. I suggest Vegas. Especially if you are familiar with SoundForge. Vegas has its draw backs too, but I\'m I\'m amazed at how quickly I get work done in it when I actually do work in it

    One needs to consider the reason that PT became an industry standard. there was nothing out like it about 5-6 years ago. If there were as many interface options as there are now back then, PT would have probably still came out on top because of integration, but not nearly as much of a standard, if you ask me.

    Anyhow, the benefits are all dependant on what you need it to do. There may be a cheaper and more viable solution.

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: Benefit of Protools?

    I am very familiar with Vegas as well...And I usually do the majority of my mixing within the SONAR environment...which is simliar to Vegas in many ways.

    I\'m thinking I might just update some of my plugins (i never have picked up any of the Waves sets) and stick with what I got for the time being.
    I\'ll probably go in the Protools direction later down the road, however...

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    Re: Benefit of Protools?

    Get the Waves Bundle!!

    Hyperprism is pretty fun as well. Not the greatest, but the amount of variety makes it useful as a \"goto\"

    I honestly think it might be a better option to look into getting another Giga Machine and getting more outputs. Then using a good digital mixer to do all your work in real time.

    I love mixdowns in a computer and all, but am more and more getting frustrated with FX latency.

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: Benefit of Protools?

    Just curious if you use Vegas for sound design as well...I mostly use the Sonic Foundry products right now for all Sound FX, dialogue, etc, etc. That\'s where I think the DIGI001 might be a pretty good investment.

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    Re: Benefit of Protools?

    Gota agree with the King.

    First. GET WAVES! They rock!
    Second. Vegas is very cool for Giga scoring but, the screen can become sloppy and hard to work in...compared to the wav Pro Tools handles audio editing. Use Vegas and Pro Tools FREE as a more hard core audio editor.

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    Re: Benefit of Protools?

    What\'s the best WAVES bundle for the money? Keep in mind, I\'m kinda poor.

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    Re: Benefit of Protools?

    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size=\"1\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by zquarles:
    What\'s the best WAVES bundle for the money? Keep in mind, I\'m kinda poor.

    I got the Native Bundle at GuitarCenter for $349. On the box it says it comes with L1 Ultramaximizer, SuperTap, Q10 ParaGraphic EQ, C1 Parametric Compander, S1 Stereo Imager, DeEsser, and TrueVerb.

    I am such an idiot (no offense King)!! I didn\'t even realize it came with the Renaissance stuff as well. Yeah, the Waves stuff is solid...

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