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Topic: Akai 2 Giga w/Translator ?

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    Akai 2 Giga w/Translator ?

    Hey all,

    I just got SOV and Translator and I have a few question for the group.

    First. I am feeling out the translator program by converting a prosamples version of QLB. Anyone have it?

    Anyway, check this out:

    Partition 1 has 2 volumes:

    Vol 1 = Trumpet sus M & Trumpet sus M+
    Vol 2 = Trumpet sus f & Trumpet sus F+

    I know that M and F are velocities...what is the + and how do I make the M and F a single gig file. (Vel switching) I was told that giga translator 2.5 can do this



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    Re: Akai 2 Giga w/Translator ?

    I\'m not sure about combining two volumes into a single .gig file with a velocity split between them. Volumes hold programs. It doesn\'t sound like the original Akai has them velocity split.

    With the Akai SoV in Partition A, there is an \'Ahh\' volume that has a velocity split program, I think called \'LC Ahhs-V A\'. GigaTranslator will honor this program and it will be in a single .gig file with other programs in that Akai volume. Again, if Akai doesn\'t have the velocity split program, I don\'t think GigaTranslator will make one for you.

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    Re: Akai 2 Giga w/Translator ?

    Thanks for your help, J.

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    Re: Akai 2 Giga w/Translator ?

    Hi Francis,

    While you are getting up and running with your SoV set, I have started to do some editing with my GigaConverted programs.
    I am not (yet) really at ease with the editor, but I am learning.
    My first SoV results are a single Boys Choir Gig, with the P and F using a velocity switch, and the Oos, Aahs, Ees and Mmm programs using a Kbd switch. A lot easier than all the distinct basic AKAI converted programs!

    If you have converted SoV with the ChickenSys translator, I am curious about what release settings you have on the Boys Choir programs. I had a couple with a release time of (I believe) 4 seconds. Now, if that doesn\'t make it sound like a BIG hall...

    I am reducing the release now to 1 sec (still long) and also set the attack shorter. A radical architectural operation (in terms of cubic meters, or feet, whatever)

    Make sure to check the raw sample Waves for deciding on a good attack time. Especially all the + programs (slow attack) are just a waste of disk space; this should be programmed in the same Gig (don\'t know yet how to do that, but a look inside GOS programs will tell).

    Success with SoV, I\'m gonna watch the Phantom Menace Dvd tonight (I can already dream the score).


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