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Topic: Jubal ?

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    Jubal ?

    \"Anyway, GigaTranslator allows you to convert to gig at the folder level or the program level.\"

    How are you doing this. I can only work at PRGM level.

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    Re: Jubal ?

    ok...when I load Translator with the first disc of SoV I see the CDROM drive on the left hand side. I open that up and see the partitions A-M. If I click on \'Partition A\' on the left (not double click)...I see the \'CHOIR AHS\' Volume in the right hand window.

    I double click on the volume (on the right) and it prompts for the export location and then the export type. I choose Gigasample instrument...and away it goes!!! Hold on...ok...ok...yep it gave me a .gig file in the specified directory with all of the programs converted to instruments.

    Does that not work for you?

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    Re: Jubal ?

    Had I known your shortcut 6 hours ago...!!!!

    hahahaha Ok, I\'ll do that for discs 3-5.

    See my new topic SOV Edits.


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