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Topic: Error Code 1004 (very big gig)

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    Error Code 1004 (very big gig)

    I tried to load up a gig file that\'s over 130MB. About half way through loading it in I always get an error message: \"Error Code 1004: There is not enough memory available in your system to load this Gigasampler instrument. You may be able to free up the neccessary memory by unloading unwanted instruments.\"

    Two facts which may help out. I don\'t have any other instruments loaded. My computer has just 64MB of RAM. Any help in getting past this problem is greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Error Code 1004 (very big gig)

    ...as the man says..., there\'s not enough memory in your PC, ═ remember a time when 8Mb of RAM was a luxury, but today 64 isn\'t enough. What you need to do is to get some more RAM. You could also try to unload all unnessecary programs that could be running in the background. But with GS, 64Mb probably just not enough.


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