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Topic: Giga Chat ... a thought.

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    Giga Chat ... a thought.

    Hello everyone.

    I am sure that it is safe to say that this forum has been, and is, a great tool for all of us. We have all made friends here and we continue to, not only learn from one another, but more importantly be inspired.

    I would like to know if any would be interested in utilizing the forums chat function. We could have on topic chats (post a date/time) or simply just check in with our Giga friends.

    Anyone game?


    Francis Belardino

    Composer/Sound Designer

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    Re: Giga Chat ... a thought.

    Why not IRC instead? I guess many of us are on IRC anyway.

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    Re: Giga Chat ... a thought.

    I\'m on aol Yea, it makes no difference to me... Im thinking the whole chat thing might be cool.

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    Re: Giga Chat ... a thought.

    I\'d love to chat with you guys. I chat with King from time to time on AOL, but I\'d love to meet the rest of you. I\'m game! .

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    Re: Giga Chat ... a thought.

    AIM Screename: ASapp1234

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    Re: Giga Chat ... a thought.

    I\'m game

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    Re: Giga Chat ... a thought.

    AOL.. please... cant you choose something a little more universal than some silly american ISP service? Also... chat on an ICQ like client is not so cool. IRC is much better for chat.

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    Re: Giga Chat ... a thought.

    I\'ve been on the IRC. A few times. Really REALLY annoying people, and little else. I use AIM now exclusively. Just get it.

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    Re: Giga Chat ... a thought.

    SOD: ehh that is quite a statement... annoying people. Certainly depends on what kind of channels you\'re frequenting. Besides, we\'d be creating our own channel for the chat, so it would only be ourselves that could be \'annoying\'.

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    Re: Giga Chat ... a thought.

    Me and Maarten Spruijt would like to invite everyone who are into orchestral midi music to join our channel #midi-mockup on IRC efnet. (server irc.homelien.no). We hang there frequently.

    You are welcome to join us! We look forward to see you guys there!

    Simon, Damon, KingIdiot etc. come on over!


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