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Topic: Ethno World/Prosamples/GTranslator

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    Ethno World/Prosamples/GTranslator

    Anyone have trouble with Translator converting this title? Notes mapped wrong, etc.

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    Re: Ethno World/Prosamples/GTranslator


    i haven\'t noticed any discrepancies, but I don\'t use it much. Exactly what problems are you experiencing-I\'ll see if mine is OK.


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    Re: Ethno World/Prosamples/GTranslator

    Hey Dasher.

    Yea, it\'s strange...I mean, I just converted SOV(whew)and all was fine. Anyway, I am getting notes not mapped correctly...
    (c d e f a d f) not, (c d e f g a b c)

    Also, there are leaping velocities and sounds not heard unless you hammer down on the key (and I mean hammer).

    The only thing I think it could be is how I have the Akai properties set to read mutil instruments and not single...havent had the chance to check it out. I do remember soundsonline SECRETLY telling me that they know Prosamples have a few program flaws

    QLB, does not seem right as well.

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    Re: Ethno World/Prosamples/GTranslator


    Sorry, guy. I just checked every program from the CD (we ARE talking Vol 30 World Instruments, NOT the full library, correct?)

    Every patch was fine, within the reasonableness of sample construction. Several percussion patches have isolated keys that play patterns along with the chromatic set, bet they all worked as well as could be expected.

    The problem has to be in the system somewhere.


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    Re: Ethno World/Prosamples/GTranslator

    Thanks for your time. I\'ll dig deeper.

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    Re: Ethno World/Prosamples/GTranslator

    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size=\"1\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Francis Belardino:
    Anyone have trouble with Translator converting this title? Notes mapped wrong, etc.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

    I have the same problem. I have uploaded a directory from the cd to chickensys. techsupp, they say they\'ll fix it

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    Re: Ethno World/Prosamples/GTranslator

    Keep me posted.


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