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Topic: Minimoog for Gigasampler

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    Minimoog for Gigasampler

    New from Bigga Giggas:
    Bigga Mini
    The long awaited Mini Moog collection in native Gigasampler format. Over 500 megabytes of pure synth sounds. Includes many of the most sought after Moog sounds; FX voices, basses, fat pads & great leads. Nothing compares to the real thing unless it is a Gigasample version that allows 160 note polyphony! The synth for a new century at a fraction of the cost of hardware!
    Price: $59

    /Worra www.biggagiggas.com

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    Re: Minimoog for Gigasampler

    Hi Worra

    Great news!

    Presumably the library is without portamento functionality as this is not possible with GigaSampler.

    Do you have any demos as yet?


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