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Topic: Spiccato Strings

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    Spiccato Strings

    I\'m looking for spiccato strings samples that will not burn a hole in my pocket. I\'m currently using AO and the detache samples are really not good enough for fast sequences. Anyone using Ultimate Strings? What about Prosonus? Is it worthwhile to get it just for the strings?

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    Re: Spiccato Strings

    Ultimate Strings has only a few usable marcato programs, but there is no lighter spicato program, at least not on my AKAI version.



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    Re: Spiccato Strings

    If you\'re on a tight budget, I\'d say the Prosonus marcatos sound the best to me. Actually they sound very good to my ears. Ultimate Strings is so-so for marcatos IMHO. Check out the demos at www.bigfishaudio.com under Prosonus Orchestral Collection. There is one or two demos that feature these samples. I might pick this library up myself eventually just for these sounds.

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