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Topic: Giga IRC chat

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    Giga IRC chat

    Anyone who reads all the posts will realise that some of the lads have set up a chat room on IRC called #midi mockup.

    Here\'s a few easy steps for the IRC challenged (including me), to help you get into the right room:

    1. Download, install and then start mIRC and click on the \'connect\' option under category (on the left).

    2. Under IRC Network choose EFnet from the drop down list.

    3. The specific server to choose from the \'sub\' drop down list is:

    4. Click on the \'Connect to IRC Server\' button.

    5. After a brief pause, another window should present with a request that you enter the specific channel you wish to join on the EFnet server. Type in #midi-mockup and hit the join button (there are other options you can try here for more regular connection that let you auto connect to a specifi channel when you start mIRC etc.,- but this is fine for a one-off)

    6. Wait for a bit, and with any luck you\'ll see a list appear on the right hand side of the screen, representing the nicknames of those currently in the chat room, and a small text bar for you to type in at the bottom of the screen. There are lots of configurable options, but this should get you connected.


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    Re: Giga IRC chat

    And be prepared for the good old Bulletin Board Feeling...

    I was lurking this evening for the first time as well.

    Seriously, anyone familiar with other client software?


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    Re: Giga IRC chat

    Forgot to mention it\'s fun

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    Re: Giga IRC chat

    For you UNIX junkies, like me, BitchX is the most powerful irc client in existence. I think there is a windows version too. www.bitchx.org.

    Don\'t ask why they call it that. They just do.

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    Re: Giga IRC chat

    I use Pirch - just because it is a bit better looking than Mirc

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    Re: Giga IRC chat

    Hey Simon,

    Can you post a step by step for Pirch? It seems to do strange things when I try to add EFnet:EU,No,Homelien to the server list.


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    Re: Giga IRC chat

    Is there a best most active time?

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    Re: Giga IRC chat

    btw the real channels name is #MIDI-MOCKUP - not #MIDI MOCKUP!! You\'ll find many of us inthere most of the day Not necessarily speaking but at least surfacing to attention once in a while

    There is no special \'active\' time. It depends on what subjects are brought up and how long the discussion goes on

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    Re: Giga IRC chat

    We\'d like to invite everyone on this forum for a chat in our IRC channel #midi-mockup! Drop by some day!


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    Re: Giga IRC chat

    We have a lot of fun there! *bump*


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