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Topic: Twisted problem - Help please

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    Twisted problem - Help please

    I started a new piece using Twisted textures, Rare Instruments and Percussive Adventures. What was driving me crazy is that at 22s565ms I have a plop in one channel. I made a direct to disk out of gigastudio and found a very strange shape: http://www.ccshop.ch/fmf/plop.wav
    (just a couple of ms - load in wave editor and enlarge). So I started examining the samples used and Bingo: I found wierd shapes in twisted textures, Ethno Sample Deep Stillness : http://www.ccshop.ch/fmf/noise.wav
    My questions:
    - has any of you seen something like that
    - any other users of the giga version of twisted textures here with the same problem?
    - is this how watermarking looks like? (they dont say twisted textures has Watermarking)
    - what happens if you play several watermarked samples together...
    Anyhow, here the music: http://www.ccshop.ch/fmf/india1.mp3
    Would be nice without the plop, no?
    Thank you for checking it out.

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    Re: Twisted problem - Help please

    Hmm I haven\'t edited all the TT samples yet so I haven\'t been able to check mine, but its not watermarking

    Watermarking is usually done differently than this.

    it looks like it could be a bad sample. Eitehr from a bad disc, or its in the sample itself.

    Really...I am an Idiot

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