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Topic: Malmsjo is wonderful!

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    Malmsjo is wonderful!

    Got Hans\' Malmsjo the other day. It is luscious, warm, rich, full-bodied and hyper-realistic.

    Many thanks to Hans for producing such a wonder at such an affordable price.

    Not only has he produced what is now my absolute favorite library, he has introduced a wonderful piano to a wider audience and preserved its beauty in digital form.

    I\'ve no idea how a (real) Malmsjo sounds, but I never thought any sampled piano could sound so utterly lovely.

    Kudos to the guys (and gals) at Nemesys for making this possible, and to Hans for producing work that drips with quality.

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    Re: Malmsjo is wonderful!

    Told you it\'s great


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    Re: Malmsjo is wonderful!

    Just wanna put my 2 cents in. I agree, this is one great piano sample. Just what I\'ve been looking for. Kinda has that \"detuned\" sound in the higher ranges in which to me, sound far more realistic than some of the cleaner sounding samples I\'ve come across.

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