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Topic: One mis-mapped sample in drum library

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    One mis-mapped sample in drum library

    Hello all,
    I\'m sure this must be a simple fix, but I\'m blind to the button that would let me fix it. Please take pity!

    I made my drum library, and everything is working well, but for some reason one snare sample is placed twice, and one snare sample I wanted is not included at all.

    How do I take one, single note region and change the sample that is played by that region?

    I just can\'t find it. I\'ve right clicked what seem like everything with no luck...

    Thanks in advance,

    BTW - Is it important to check the \'Drum\' checkbox in the first properties page of the instrument itself?

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    Re: One mis-mapped sample in drum library

    Problem solved....

    The one sample that was not mapped correctly was the only sample in the set that was stereo. Wrote is back out as mono in Sound Forge and it installed correctly immediately in GSEdit.


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