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Topic: Gigasampler v.s. Gigastudio

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    Gigasampler v.s. Gigastudio

    A Newbie problem with Gstudio.

    The \"look\" of the velocity layers is different in GStudio. For example, the Steinway B has 3 velocity layers, with 2 specific splits on Gsampler (I forget what the original splits are.

    But on GStudio I see four! layers, with 3!splits always at 32 64 96--which of course is NOT the instrument\'s actual set up.

    How do I get Gstudio to show me the original three velocity layers and two splits?


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    Re: Gigasampler v.s. Gigastudio

    I have 3 splits on my GSt system; nothing at 32.

    Maybe the gig gremlins are at work.

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