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Topic: Reverb in GigaStudio

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    Reverb in GigaStudio

    Last night I was talking with a friend who was at NAMM, and he said that the reverb in GigaStudio is excellent. He said that whoever programmed that reverb is quite brilliant, or words to that effect.

    This is very good news, IMHO, because adding reverb to the Gig platform is essential. I just can\'t enjoy playing a dry sound, and then adding reverb later.


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    Re: Reverb in GigaStudio

    In understood that the reverb is created by the CPU isn´t it ?

    The question is, how the main processor will be able to playback all the samples, operate the sequencer and create a clean reverb at the same time.

    So what sort of CPU or additional equipment is required to run all this - an Athlon 1600 ?

    If anyone knows more....

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    Re: Reverb in GigaStudio


    This is, of course, a key question, and you are correct that no one seems to be addressing. No one official, that is. I assume that if all tracks are MIDI, you should be able to use the reverb on a decent number of tracks. As soon as you have audio tracks, however, you will be in big trouble. You really need a separate computer for GigaSampler / GigaStudio, and then treat it like any other sound module or sampler.

    I plan to get a second system, and use the switch box technology that Dave Govett has discussed, so that one monitor/keyboard/mouse will be used with both systems.

    If I\'m lucky, my wife won\'t even realize that I have a second computer!

    The bottom line is that the CPU required, will also depend on the typical number of tracks you require, and your FX usage etc.

    I can also say that my contact mentioned that the reverb was \"very efficient\" with a relatively low demand on the CPU. Of course, who knows what this means in terms of simultaneous number of tracks.


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    Re: Reverb in GigaStudio


    >If I\'m lucky, my wife won\'t even realize >that I have a second computer!

    I live alone now,....... and dont need to hide anything, I think You are absolutely
    right giga needs a dedicated PC, especially
    if the full potential is demanded.

    I hope My Celeron 366/550 will do and has
    posted a topic under hardware topics. Hope nemesyswill soon state some system demands, and point out bottle-necks.

    Got absolutely no expirience with giga but
    consider the giga-studio very much.


    Henrik Mahler

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    Re: Reverb in GigaStudio

    I\'ve been following this thread, but disagree with you guys about the need for a second computer. I run Cakewalk and Gigasampler just fine from one PIII 500. When I look the performance meters in Cakewalk to see how much I\'m bogging down my system, they are hardly moving. What I do have is a dedicated GS hard drive and a full gig of RAM. Gigastudio may use a bit more horsepower with the extra voices and effects, but I\'m not worried. Gigastudio is supposed to be Windows 2000 complient which means that I should be able to add a second CPU to my two CPU motherboard. At the store where I bought my copy of Gigasampler, they were running Gigasampler and Cubase on a Pentium II 300 with an IDE system drive and two SCSI drives. This configuration also ran smoothly. I\'ll bet that there are lots of us who are running audio sequencers and Gigasampler just fine on one computer setups.

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    Re: Reverb in GigaStudio

    \"Running smoothly\" really doesn\'t mean much, unless you refer to number of audio tracks, number and type of native processing FX plugins etc. IMHO there is no way that you can run Cubase and GigaSampler effectively on the same machine, if you are using audio tracks in Cubase, not to mention some FX plugins. Stutter City!

    Also, I\'m not sure what the performance meters in the sequencer has to with the fact that the sounds streaming from GigaSampler will start to crap out.

    A full GIG of RAM? Wow! I thought that there was a limit to how much RAM Windows addresses? I\'m not sure about this. Doing a cost comparison between a second system, and that much RAM would be interesting!


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    Re: Reverb in GigaStudio

    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size=\"1\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">quote:</font><HR> Gigastudio is supposed to be Windows 2000 complient which means that I should be able to add a second CPU to my two CPU motherboard. <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

    Hold that thought. Latest word is that GigaStudio will not support Windows 2000 - but an update later this summmer *may* provide this support. I sincerely hope Nemesys is looking at the work Ron Kuper is doing over at Cakewalk: http://www.cakewalk.com/DevXchange/audio_i.htm


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