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Topic: Is the "edit all" bug fixed?

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    Is the "edit all" bug fixed?

    Is it?

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    Re: Is the "edit all" bug fixed?

    Hi Eliam,

    can you please be a little more specific what you mean with the \"edit all\" but ?



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    Re: Is the "edit all" bug fixed?

    Thanks Martin. I was wondering the same thing.

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    Re: Is the "edit all" bug fixed?

    Yes, sorry, I thought it was obvious... There seemed to be problems with the \"edit all\" function when someone tried to program for instance individual filters on separate notes. From what I\'ve read the \"edit all\" button had to be deselected and reselected at each tweaking for the changes to affect only the proper notes or layers. Otherwise, all the notes were edited, even if the \"edit all\" button seemed to be in function. This is important to me, because I love Kontakt\'s flexibility and ease of use but little bugs like that make me wait before I purchase the program.

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    Re: Is the "edit all" bug fixed?

    Yes, I have experienced this problem as well.

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    Re: Is the "edit all" bug fixed?

    \'edit all\' is related to groups.
    if you only have 1 group it can\'t be turned off.
    if it is off you will only edit the current group.
    (i never had to activate it to take changes affect)

    it makes a lot of sense to open the structure browser and to look which groups are selected.
    exactly these groups are edited. so you can easily insert a reverb on special groups and tweak it.

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