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Topic: Sostenuto pedal

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    Sostenuto pedal

    Remember the sostenuto pedal we developed for midi piano use?
    The units came back from the manufactor, but...
    This seems like a huge bug in the software:
    While a note is sostenuto-ed (when the pedal is depressed), it cannot be retriggered. Only after the sostenuto pedal is released (and the note stopped) one can retrigger that specific note. Is that something anyone could live with or should we go back to the software design table and let him start over again?

    Michiel Post

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    Re: Sostenuto pedal


    I should first note that my current piano is a Japanese Yamaha G3 that does not even HAVE a sostenuto pedal. I do miss it, but only on those occasions where I\'m playing my infamous John Coltrane quartet/McCoy Tyner imitations (the fake McCoy!)

    I myself would be quite unhappy at having the pedal work in this manner, as I frequently WILL retrigger a root-five bass event, or be playing solo lines through a \'sos\'ed\' chord cluster. It\'s integral to the function of the pedal, IMHO.

    I would think retriggering would be vital, but if you\'re holding the note-ons in a buffer, it may also require addressing the question of how many note-offs to send when the pedal is released...

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    Re: Sostenuto pedal

    I was afraid so...

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