GS 1.6 has been working fine until recently. Now, in the middle of playing back a sequence with Gigapiano, my system will completely lock up with one of the notes stuttering endlessly. I have to to a hard reboot -- the keyboard and mouse will not even respond.

My machine is a Celeron 300a running at 450 mhz (no problems to date (over 1 year)... so far), ABit BH6 mobo, 128mb RAM, TB Montego, Echo Gina, IBM Deskstar 10g 7200 rpm drive, MOTU Midi Express XT. I\'m running GS 1.6 and Cakewalk Pro Audio 9; until this problem, this combo has been working very well. I\'m using Echo 5.02 drivers, DirectX disabled, multi-client set to true. GS is using Gina 1/2 for output, Cakewalk is using Gina 3/4 for output. I\'ve also tried using the Montego output in Cakewalk (so it\'s not sharing the Gina) -- same problem. I have lots of free hard disk space on all of my logical drives (at least a couple hundred mb on each of the five drives).

Could this be due to lack of RAM? Audio settings in GS? Settings in Cakewalk? Any advice would be greatly appreciated since I\'ve been so wowed by GS until this problem started. Cakewalk never has this problem when GS is not running.


Dave Juth