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Topic: Question to filmcomposers working with orchestrators...

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    Question to filmcomposers working with orchestrators...

    Next month I\'m starting an article on the production process between composer and orchestrator (and preparist). In short: a description of the production line as it is now, and 30 years ago, from composer sketch sheet to the piece of papier on the player stand. What influences did music technology have on this and what are common ways of working?

    For this article I would like to ask some questions to different filmcomposers working in the L.A. industry. If you are one and would be interested in answering some questions (through e-mail or online meeting), please send me an e-mail: maartenspruijt@wanadoo.nl

    Thanks in advance!

    Maarten Spruijt www.maartenspruijt.com

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    Re: Question to filmcomposers working with orchestrators...

    I would really like to bump this post back to the top, to see if there are any more people interested. I already got a few replies, which is very nice!

    Perhaps there\'s also some working ORCHESTRATORS out there?

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