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Topic: Best "stopped mute" Horn samples

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    Best \"stopped mute\" Horn samples

    I\'ve been looking for this sound for quite some time, but can\'t find any demos that even include this sound, much less feature it. The only choices I\'m aware of are X-sample and the upcoming brass stuff from BiggaGiggas. Any opinions out there?

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    Re: Best \"stopped mute\" Horn samples

    Don\'t want to shamelessly promote, but I really like the stopmutes in QL Brass. There is staccato and sustain (4 horns).

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    Re: Best \"stopped mute\" Horn samples

    oh duh!!

    yah wanted to reply to this forgot!

    YEs QLB. The Stops are really nice.

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: Best \"stopped mute\" Horn samples

    Yes, I\'m sure QLB is great, but all I really need is the stopped mute and not the other 700 and something dollars worth.

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    Re: Best \"stopped mute\" Horn samples


    Akai version

    but only 350....for the full library

    BTW it may not convert to giga in s5000 format so you may need to look into a translator program.

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: Best \"stopped mute\" Horn samples

    Are there any samples missing? If it\'s identical to the Giga version why is it cheaper? I would want to be positively sure I had a way to convert it before buying.

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    Re: Best \"stopped mute\" Horn samples

    Can giga read EMU format? Is there a reliable translator?

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