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Topic: Percussive Adventures

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    Percussive Adventures

    I\'m thinking of getting Percussive Adventures and I am looking for some opinions from people who already own it. What range of tempos does it cover, what\'s the documentation like and most importantly do you recommend it?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Percussive Adventures

    Soundsonline has a killer deal on botht hed Audio and Akai version right now. I bought the Akai.

    the Audio one is 75 bucks!
    Akai for 199 I got it for 117 out the door by using my points

    I dont think the giga version is much different than the Akai...if at all...

    I\'ve only heard good things about and from this library so I\'m excited to finally get it..

    I know this may not help if you already know about the deal...but if not..then maybe it did

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: Percussive Adventures

    Percussive Adventures is a great library.

    You have a lot of \"filmish\" percussion beats and sfx as I would call them. All beats are named after famous, so you have an idea how they will sound.

    When you found the right full bed (full = with all elements) from a full bed preview gig you can load the bed gig itself, which then splits up into different beat layouts and seperate hits and sfx. There\'s LOTS of non-looped material you can get from the beats. Most beats have one tempo, some have alternatives. It depends on the style of the beat what tempo it has got, but they range from about 40 to 180 BPM I think, in different time signatures.

    Apart from the beats, there are also ambient beds (some pretty scary ones) and sound effects (for examples listen to the Spy Game score, they use them alot).

    The library really grows on you. You find out more and more material you can use as you get to know it.

    Oh, and I\'ve got the Giga version, but it doesn\'t really use Gigas extra programming features. It feels like an AKAI convert, except for the long filenames (!) and mod wheel filtering they sometimes use. So you could get the AKAI. I won\'t buy the Audio though.

    So go buy it!!

    Maarten www.maartenspruijt.com

    [This message has been edited by Maarten Spruijt (edited 03-03-2002).]

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    Re: Percussive Adventures


    I just have the audio version and altough I love it, I was allways wondering do you get more samples with AKAI/GIG version?
    Do you have all separate hit samples from all the performances?...in audio version you get only selected hits from every performance..



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    Re: Percussive Adventures

    Does it make any difference in the conversion process from Akai to Giga to have the 1000 series or the 5/6000 series Akai format. Thinking of getting Percuss. Adven. but not sure which Akai format would be better.


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    Re: Percussive Adventures

    Does anyone know if they still do the overnight shipping deal? I just ordered it online and shipping was $9.75. Just curious if it was the overnight Fed Ex they usually do.

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    Re: Percussive Adventures


    Does this collection feature any triple or odd time meters?

    It would be nice to have a drum or percussion library that featured nothing but triple and odd time meters.



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    Re: Percussive Adventures

    I have been thinking about purchasing this library for awhile, but havent been sure what version to get. The giga version is I think 399.00, as the akai is 199.99. Can anyone comment on any specific advantages/disadvantages using the giga or akai native version. Or will the akai version give me the same features? King...have you had a chance to work with the akai version?

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    Re: Percussive Adventures

    It should show up Tuesday. I ordered it on Saturday so I have a few days.

    I believe the Akai version is near identical to the giga version. if not identical. It can\'t be much more data since its the same amount of CDs. The description of the giga version and akai version is a little different but not enough to make me think its truely different. Probably just to confuse people so that they buy the giga cversion

    I\'ll compare with Maarten when I get it.

    Really...I am an Idiot

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