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Topic: Which guitar library for lead and solos?

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    Which guitar library for lead and solos?

    There\'s a good thread going that King started about building a heavy metal guitar library. It has focused mostly on sampling the rhythm parts. I\'m wondering what libraries you guys are using to create realistic (as possible) guitar solos for heavy metal or hard rock music? QL56 Strat? Vintaudio? Others? It doesn\'t really matter whether the library has built in distortion or not. Actually I\'d probably prefer the sound to be clean so I can run it through my POD. Does anybody have any demos they made with the libraries out there?


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    Re: Which guitar library for lead and solos?

    I gather you have listened to our Giga clean Electric Guitars Demoes at www.vintaudio.com

    At the moment i feel our library and QL Strat are the only 2 really professional options, obviously i am biased but i really like our library for leads

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    Vintaudio Prod. www.vintaudio.com

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