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Topic: Please don't laugh--anyone heard the piano on the Casio CTK-671?

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    Please don\'t laugh--anyone heard the piano on the Casio CTK-671?

    Having just bought my 11 year-old son one of these, and at the risk of losing any credibility I may have on this forum, I want to ask if anyone has listened to the Casio CTK-671. (Its samples sound better than my old Micropiano in the middle and upper octaves.)

    After playing a very few notes, you will realize that the samples are too brief. (Trying to tweak the sound wth the synth functions, you\'ll find that there is no way to increase the sustain.) But if you play in only the octaves above middle C, the (reverb heavy) sound is surprisingly good. (The loop starts very early and is clearly audible in the bass after 5 seconds, but the samples are very good.)

    If you layer two piano sounds (the stereo grand and the wide piano) and increase the release of the envelope for one of the layers, the sound is still better.

    Clearly, the sound couldn\'t be confused with a Gigasampler instrument\'s sound. But for a $189 keyboard, the sound is incredible. (Far better than the consumer Yamahas, which fade to a sine wave after three seconds).

    I\'m posting this impression because this keyboard makes me wonder where we\'ll be in a year or so. Someone at Casio is pressing to create a serious instrument. Anyone know of other efforts to create a sample-based piano for the consumer market? If Casio had invested another $50 in ROM, they would have have created an unweighted but professional keyboard.

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    Re: Please don\'t laugh--anyone heard the piano on the Casio CTK-671?

    \"Dad that is MY keyboard! You\'ve been playing on it for two days now! I wanna play on it!\"

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    Re: Please don\'t laugh--anyone heard the piano on the Casio CTK-671?

    Lol ! like he said get off the kid\'s keyboard and let him play ! hehehe joke.

    Seriously, it reminded me of my first keyboard i got when i was 10, it was a yamaha portasound, it sounded like crap but it got me started, and i\'m sure the Casio you got sounds 1000 times better than my old yamaha did... a year later i got my first Juno synth and then Ouh Ah ! a Yamaha DX 100 and Ensoniq Esq-1 ahhh those were the days... NOT ! lol


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    Re: Please don\'t laugh--anyone heard the piano on the Casio CTK-671?

    Well, he did scream a bit when I first locked him in the closest so I could play, but he\'s quieted down over the past few days.

    In all seriousness, if this keyboard is any sign of the future, things are going to get very interesting. Next time you\'re in Mars or Guitar Center, steel yourself against the shame you may feel for going into the kiddie keyboard section, put on headphones and try this keyboard\'s Stereo Grand (an Advanced Tone) and the Wide Grand (the second piano sound). This doesn\'t sound anything like either the little Casio toys or the big WK-1600\\1800 models. It also sounds much better than the big Yamaha \"Home Pianos.\" This is a very different animal with well recorded piano samples and good reverb. I\'m not kidding when I say it sounds better than the MicroPiano. (Strangely, the toy sounds that are included sound bad--the helicopter and applause are awful.) You can adjust parts of the volume envelope (attack, decay) and select from several reverbs. The drum samples are good too, and the speaker system has enough bass to give everything punch. Reminds me a little of the Ensoniq ZR-76, but very inexpensive. Again, the samples are too brief. It makes me angry that they didn\'t spend the extra few dollars on ROM that would have made this a professional keyboard.

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