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Topic: Handbell samples?

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    Handbell samples?

    Does anyone know if handbell samples are available in Giga format? - Doug

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    Re: Handbell samples?

    Check out Kevin\'s place. I have his handbells. They are excellent. I have fooled around with them to change envelopes and other parameters. The price is great.


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    Re: Handbell samples?

    I\'ve got a free set that I recorded 2 yrs ago - I\'d hoped it might get around by hand or end up on a web site for free, but they\'ve been sitting. I can send it out to you if you like - I\'d just ask 5$ for mail costs if it interests you. I\'d recorded sustains, damped, plucked, and waved. Including also the natural reverb of church on release. jeff@marblesound.com
    Hope this helps

    Jeff Hurchalla
    Marble Sound

    * And yes King - I haven\'t forgotten to send you a copy! (just burned a few )

    [This message has been edited by Jeff Hurchalla (edited 03-07-2002).]

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    Re: Handbell samples?

    Thanks guys for the info! Jeff, I\'ll be in touch by email. Sounds interesting. - Doug

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    Re: Handbell samples?

    Thanks Jeff for the CD. I like it and will be using it. Have you done other instruments that you would like to share.


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    Re: Handbell samples?

    Glad to hear you\'re enjoying it. No that\'s really about it for samples. I\'m writing audio software these days so regrettably I haven\'t done that acoustic guitar library I\'d like to someday try. I\'ll let you know if that changes, though it probably would be a while. Best wishes-

    Jeff Hurchalla
    Marble Sound

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