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Topic: new beta mp3's

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    new beta mp3\'s

    I made a \"DS\" general midi kit today and had some fun running some midi files through it. Everything is our\'s except for the kick drum (which I don\'t like) the bass which is Dan\'s and the piano is a very lite version of Kips Bosey.

    This is really to show off the new jazz winds that Big Fish has coming out....they are really going to be good!

    All the instrument demos switch between some of the different articulations...ie...vibrato, heavy vibrato, cup mute, harmon mute NV, harmon mute V, etc...

    PS....all the percussion (except for the kick is ours ...it\'s still in beta though)

    Oh, and heres are drums only to wet yor whistle.... http://www.dssoundware.com/storage/demos/drums4.mp3

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    Re: new beta mp3\'s

    Heck there\'s even more reverb on these mp3s than on mine Sounds good. The ride in particular. I also like the upright bass, where\'s that one from?

    As for the brass, are you improvising the parts without tweaking the track afterwards? just straight into the sequencer?
    I like the fact that the instrumnets aren\'t 100% in tune


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    Re: new beta mp3\'s

    Thanks for the compliments.....

    The ride is a new ride that I sampled just a few weeks ago.

    The reverb is only on the solo instrument and it\'s the good ol\' NFX reverb.

    Nothing is tweaked on these.....it was just the midi file straight through giga with no editing (didn\'t have time)....


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    Re: new beta mp3\'s

    Verb.... geez Donnie, are you serious... Why did this band place the trumpet/trombone player in a separate, empty concert hall 100 feet away from the rest of the band? Must be a bit lonely inthere.

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    Re: new beta mp3\'s

    Hey Donnie,

    All of those instruments sound great! BTW, what piano did you use?

    Bardstown Audio

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    Re: new beta mp3\'s

    Donnie, I think these sound really good, but I can\'t tell for sure. I\'m having real trouble trying to get a feel for the era of these new horns. The reverb really hides the character of the sample. They also seem to have some intonation problems, or perhaps wide vibrato without delay in onset. (This might even be deliberate, but the wash really masks the sound.)

    Could you perhaps re-do these with no (or nearly no) verb? The basic tone sounds like it could be perfect for those big band tracks so many of us are screaming for.

    Also, perhaps an approximate ship date and price? I\'m getting hopeful.

    BTW, Simon-if yoy knew the trumpet players I know, you\'d want them in the other room, too!


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