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Topic: Sampling Voice

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    Sampling Voice

    Some of you have mentioned sampling certain things (ie. whispers, etc). Does anyone here have any equipment they find works well for sampling (ie. DAT or minidisc recorder)? What type of equipment is it? And if you do, what type of mic(s) are you using with it?

    I realize that there are totally professional setups like Nick\'s and Gary\'s for what they do. But I\'m just wondering if any of you have sampled a choir yourself or someone singing/chanting/whispering, etc.

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    Re: Sampling Voice

    I am not expert in mic\'s, but I think you need different ones for \'ensembles\' (distant mic\'ing) and vocals/instrument recording. I have a Røde NT1 at home for small recordings of myself (whispering, whistling and such as you mentioned, and also use it once in a while for a flute and such). If you want to sample a choir, you\'ll need something totally diffrent, more omni-directional I think.

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