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Topic: Actual drive space occupied by libraries

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    Actual drive space occupied by libraries

    Hey Guys,

    I\'m hoping to fill up my D drive with the following sample libraries, and I want to make sure it will all fit. Right now I have about 33.7 gig left on a 60 gig drive.

    After searching around for size information on these libraries, I\'ve found that while most websites and reviews list the number of discs in a library, only a few list the ACTUAL hard drive space that each library occupies once it has been transferred from CD-ROM to the computer.

    I\'ve filled in the few that I could find.

    Can anybody fill in a few of the blanks?


    Would it be a good idea to leave a \"buffer\" of hard drive space left unused on the sample drive (D), or is it okay to stuff it to the gills?

    Feel free to add any libraries that you\'d like to know about this thread. It might be a nice central place to keep track of this little detail. I did a search for this topic, but nothing real specific came up.

    Thanks a lot.

    Malmsjo Piano

    Voices of the Apocolypse

    Christian / Lane Ultimate Timpani

    Dan Dean Solo Woodwinds

    London Orchestral Percussion (2.5 Gig)

    Bigga Orchestral Brass

    X Sample vol. 8 (harp / celeste)

    X Sample vol. 5 (solo strings I)

    X Sample vol. 10 (solo strings II)

    X Sample vol. 11 (solo strings III)

    Post Organ for Gigastudio

    Post Harpsicord Volume 2 (517 Meg)

    Larry Seyer\'s Upright (500 Meg)

    Quantum Leap Rare Instruments

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    Re: Actual drive space occupied by libraries

    Don\'t you think that HD space can\'t really be an issue anymore these days? It\'s getting relatively cheap... cheaper than sample libraries

    I think, if you need the libraries, just buy more hd space and one library less...

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    Re: Actual drive space occupied by libraries

    Hmm if you have the cash to buy all those libaries in the near future, I am sure you can squeeze in a new harddrive too...

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    Re: Actual drive space occupied by libraries


    Malmsjö Acoustic Grand requires 1Gb of hard drive space. (There are actually 1.85Gb of samples in the instrument, but Nemesys\' compression/acceleration algorithm brings down the size)


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    Re: Actual drive space occupied by libraries

    No offense, but agreeing with the other replies. If you can buy VotA and/or QLB, you are also able to buy another 40-80 Gb HD. Most ads and sites mention the number of CD you get, which is quite accurate, IMO.

    London Orch Perc is 2,71 Gb (just got it).

    XSample volumes are single CD\'s. I have currently one and it uses the max capacity of the CD-rom.

    BOB\'s size listed in detail on http://www.biggagiggas.com/About%20BOB.htm

    Hey, what about GOS? 7,81 Gb on my HD.



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    Re: Actual drive space occupied by libraries

    I wonder if you aren\'t better off spreading the workload over a couple of drives. Surely you get more bandwidth that way???

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    Re: Actual drive space occupied by libraries

    No offense with my last post too... just wondering...

    XSample shows its sample sizes in the pdf info file on their site, I believe. http://www.xsample.de

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    Re: Actual drive space occupied by libraries

    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size=\"1\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Chadwick:
    I wonder if you aren\'t better off spreading the workload over a couple of drives. Surely you get more bandwidth that way???<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

    Not sure about that from a technical perspective. It is the same application that would be fetching data blocks from separate hard disks. Unless the application uses a correct multi-threading architecture I don\'t think it would benefit from Gigs on different disks. Only when it has received a data block it can request another block. Can\'t issue 2 requests and received them asynchronously, unless programmed to support that.
    Using a separate HD for the EXE and DLLs is another story, this does make a difference, as Windows handles that in a separate thread.

    Maybe capturing is programmed with a separate thread, if so, it would be advantagous to use a separate HD for that.

    Remember, I am just (educated) guessing. Could be completely wrong.



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    Re: Actual drive space occupied by libraries

    Thanks for all the replies.

    Maarten, no offense taken. I appreciate the input from experienced users. I guess I would rather just fill up my current drive for now, and since my space estimates were coming in very close I just wanted to double check on these specific libraries.

    I\'ve recently been looking into upgrading my entire studio set up to revolve around the new Logic 5 with the control surfaces. However, while the financial end of things would have worked out - they would have JUST worked out. Plus the more I\'ve been looking into the Logic set up, the more I\'ve realized that while the new version looks absolutely killer, it would be better for me to wait a bit and let some of the 5.x update versions come out and solidify a bit. I\'m not really sure what the best setup would be, and I decided to hold off yesterday when I learned about a THIRD control surface component to be released by emagic for Logic 5. I pretty much had my \"dream setup\" designed and mapped out, and then this thing sprung out of nowhere and I thought \"WHOOOAAA THERE, NELLIE!\" I\'m not quite prepared to live out on the bleeding edge - I\'d rather let the Logic gods kick around the new setup options and learn from their experiences. It\'s a combination of responsible and chicken-****e that I (and my wife) can live with.

    So the plan for now is to take out a significantly smaller loan, get my current giga system loaded up, and spend some time familiarizing myself with the libraries. I thought it would be better to digest both the financial obligation and learning curve in smaller chunks.

    Thanks again, guys.

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