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Topic: GS with Sibelius

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    GS with Sibelius

    I would like to use GS sounds in my notation software Sibelius. How do I go about setting this up. Thanks.

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    Re: GS with Sibelius

    Hello Punda,

    Funny you should mention Sibelius, because just the other day I have been toying with the demo version of the software program. I am not experienced user, but maybe this helps.
    Click ‘Create’ – ‘Instrument’-In dropdown menu under ‘Play using the equipment’ choose for ‘GS/Endless wave’.
    There is another option that allows you to choose the equipment for playback: Click ‘Play/Flexitime’-click ‘Equipment’- make sure that GS/Endless wave is enabled (‘Yes’) and use a General MIDI set in Gigasampler. Of course, you would have to load the entire General MIDI set into GS.
    Here endeth my knowledge of the program. I loved working with it, it is very intuitive. There is however one snag that prevents me from buying it: the price is way too high for notational software. Do you happen to know an address where the program can be bought at discount? If the marketing department at Sibelius would only cut the price by a factor 2 they would end up selling many more copies (I for one would buy it immediately).


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    Re: GS with Sibelius

    Jan, Thanks alot you answered my question. I bought Sibelius through a local music store. YOu can get it for 1/2 price if you work in some kind of educational field or at a house of worship. I work at a church so the price was right. I would check with Sibelius because I bought it over a year ago, maybe there are other ways to get a discount. It is a great program, and it is incredibly easy to use. Thanks again for your help!

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