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Topic: (slightly) OT Wizoo's Virtual Guitarist

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    (slightly) OT Wizoo\'s Virtual Guitarist

    Steinberg have just announced a bunch of stuff including a VSTi which is designed to do the job of acoustic or electric guitar, based on a 2gb library of samples.

    The details are kind of sketchy (I\'d like to know more about how it approaches things like strumming and acurate chord layouts) but there\'s an mp3 on the page which sounds ok:

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    Re: (slightly) OT Wizoo\'s Virtual Guitarist

    I hope it works better than The Grand. The Grand sounds fine but is a bear to use because of the demands on the computer.

    - David

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    Re: (slightly) OT Wizoo\'s Virtual Guitarist

    \"heavy power chords and ultra metal. Variable playing characteristics - shuffle (groove), dynamics, timing (tight, loose), syncopated rhythms, long chords Effects - Stereo width, track doubling, low cut / enhancer (acoustic), pickup selector / presence (electric)\"

    Wowwwww!!! This sounds too good. Fianlly a reason to seriously look at the Cubase/VST family of products and tools.

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    Re: (slightly) OT Wizoo\'s Virtual Guitarist

    Yeah, i\'d like a lot of these new VSTs - Eric Persing\'s Stylus etc., but once you run them on all on the one machine.... and even with VST System Link you end up having to get good soundcards for each PC - which isn\'t cheap and takes you out of the \'all under one umbrella\' area.

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