The 6th posting showcasing the Phrase Modeled Performance Multi is a Stradivari / Gofriller rendering of Dvorak's String Quartet No. 14 in A flat major, Op. 105: Allegro non tanto available at The Classical Music Archives
Only the notes and velocity from the Midi File and the default instrument settings from the Multi were used for this rendering. The PMPM Strad Gofriller SQ used for the demo is available here The full PMPM distribution is required available at Mike's K2 Scripts

The performance multi adds a number of features to the Garritan Libraries (Jazz & Big Band, Personal Orchestra, Stradivari Solo Violin, Gofriller Cello and Concert & Marching Band) for the Kontakt 2 Player.

The multi provides the ability to vary note start timings to help humanize quantized sequences. Rather then random variations, the multis humanization are based on a sequences phrasing moving forward and behind the beat depending on note values. Timing variations are selectable via midi messages and supports separate settings for each midi channel.

This Performance Multi scripts the Stradivari Solo Violin and Gofriller Cello's Volume, Articulation and Vibrato. The Multi script models phrasing in real time based on note characteristics such as speed, length, overlap and space. This Multi also includes the Stridavari Viola (detuned Stradivari Violin with EQ ala qccowboy).
Remember to transpose the cello up one Octave and the Viola up a Fifth